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Welcome to Vida Consentida!

This website is created to think about the here and now and everything we can learn to improve our lives, reinvent ourselves and enjoy the process.
Life is continuous learning and what defines our path are our choices. We invite you to embrace change and the challenges it entails with an adventurous spirit and avid for knowledge.

You dare?

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And why the Margaritas?

Daisies are a beautiful flower.

In the language of flowers, they are associated with innocence, joy, and purity.

Notably daisies are also linked to love; on the one hand, due to the tradition of removing a daisy petal by petal with the classic "he loves me, he does not love me."

In summary

The image of daisies gives us joy, a feeling of freshness, of life and it serves as motivation to create this blog, although it is not exactly the topic at hand.

Milady Rodriguez
Milady Rodriguez
El mejor lugar para aclarar tus ideas y nutrirte de inspiración, despejar tus dudas y encontrar las respuestas para avanzar con tu vida.
Jeydy Cutie
Jeydy Cutie
Me encantan todas las publicaciones!!! Textos frescos e ideales para levantar el espíritu 🥰
nailan estrada
nailan estrada
Excelente servicio con el mayor profesionalismo , muy recomendadas.
Patricia Casteleiro
Patricia Casteleiro
VidaConsentida 💫, textos personales, cercanos, sensibles, para disfrutar sin prisas y reflexionar¡! Gracias por vuestra labor chicas es un placer leeros🤩

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