➡️Have you heard of alpha women?⬅️

        "The bravest act is still to think for yourself. Aloud" 

Coco Chanel

And that's precisely what alpha women do: they think for themselves, they lead their own way, and they are never intimidated. But what exactly are alpha women? Alpha women are those who radiate confidence, leadership, and strength in everything they do. They are not intimidated by anything or anyone, and are always ready to take on any challenge that comes their way.
Alpha women are a true phenomenon, they prefer to lead their way. They are smart, witty, insightful, and always one step ahead. But let's not confuse alpha women with "bossy". The former are self-confident and know what they want, while the latter try to control everything around them out of insecurity. Alpha women are free and allow themselves to be vulnerable, but they never lose their strength.
It may be a little difficult for them to find a partner because they are not convinced by nice words but by deeds, they are able to control their feelings, if they feel that they are falling in love with someone who is not suitable for them, they know how to put an end to it, they are not afraid of loneliness because he loves freedom.

«You have to believe in yourself when no one else does »

Serena Williams

Alpha women are often thought of as cold and calculating, but that couldn't be further from the truth. Alpha women are just like everyone else, but what makes them different is their ability to face life with determination and courage.
An Alpha woman is not afraid of challenges and is always willing to learn. There's nothing I can't accomplish, from running a business to climbing a mountain. But be careful, do not try to step on their territory or you will awaken the lioness in you.
Alpha women are an example to follow for all women. since they have learned to trust themselves and their abilities, and they know how to face life's challenges. If you're ever lucky enough to meet an alpha woman, befriend her, because you sure have a lot to learn from her.

"True love doesn't come to you, it has to be inside you" 

Julia Roberts 

Alpha women are extraordinary beings who deserve to be admired. They are a perfect combination between strength and sensitivity. If you come across one, don't panic, just follow her example and learn from her. And if you are an Alpha woman, you remain yourself and you never change. After all, being an Alpha female is something you can't fake.

«Fall in love with you, with life. And after whoever you want» 

Frida Kahlo

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➡️Live without a map and travel without return⬅️

Have you ever considered living without a map? Have you experienced sailing the world with two suitcases? Buy a plane ticket with no return? These and many more questions exist as a way of life, where today is the only important thing because you can have breakfast in Spain, lunch in London and dinner in Montreal.

There are no borders in your imagination or in your desires and there should be no borders in your reality. Because you deserve it. Because "later" can - and usually is - "never." Because the time is now. Because sometimes your profession or trade does not fulfill or satisfy your deepest desires.

Because the world is bigger, more beautiful, generous and supportive than we are led to believe. Because the cultures that inhabit it are exceptional, unique and you have to know them to understand them and understand yourself better. Because traveling is an exercise in tolerance, patience, audacity and insight .

Because traveling gives you wings, gives you freedom, gives you energy, fills you with new ideas and fosters imagination, diversifies the perspective with which you usually look at your world and opens new doors for you. Because traveling is learning and making mistakes - and vice versa . Traveling frees you from ties: physical, mental, ideological, spiritual, religious, political and social. Because traveling helps you regain the curious and naive look of the girl you once were.

Put your life in two suitcases and fly as high as your wings take you. You have nothing to lose because nothing is eternal in this life and the fear of leaving everything behind is not as important as making a drastic change from habit and repetition; get up every day in a different place, make concessions with food, forms of transport, schedules.

To live happily and travel you don't need much more than the will to do it and face the plurality of now more than ever. Traveling gives you the only option to be spontaneous and analyze the situations in which you find yourself from new perspectives.

Traveling should become a compulsory university subject, to learn about other cultures, discover other ways of looking at and facing your reality.

Traveling alone knows the PRESENT tense and is experienced with the 5 senses.

Wishes should not be left alone in dreams ...

Live without a map and travel without return!

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➡️How to face life's challenges in the best way? ⬅️

Throughout our lives we face difficult situations that in one way or another end up affecting or dulling our personality. If this is the case, I would like to share with you my own actions that have helped me to change that situation:

1. BE YOURSELF: Your essence cannot change, it is you, Feel proud of being who you are !. It is about improving, modifying, highlighting the strengths that you have and working on them to enhance them. But when you feel lost, go back to the beginning, to those places, people, things that make you smile, and little by little you will regain your zen.

2. READS A LOT! GET KNOWLEDGE: Do you have your life project? The best thing you can do to have a clear path in your personal goals is: Read the best books on topics related to self-improvement. Educate yourself and fill yourself with positive information! Any source of positive information that adds value to you is the best instrument to discover your path: books, podcasts, movies, programs, therapies; any track is good to build your path but always focused on what you really want. Do not get distracted!

3. PRACTICE CONSTANTLY: As you acquire new skills and knowledge, the first thing you should do is practice them every day without fail. Remember that everyday are new pages to write, take the opportunity to appropriate the new and stand out woman! Sometimes work, home, life gets more and more loaded every day, but don't let yourself be distracted. If you really want something, wherever you are, you have to go for it, because no one else will do it for you.

4. START STEP BY STEP: Like the song, start with short-term goals that you can achieve. Do not go over the top yet, otherwise you would end up discouraged and not wanting to continue fighting and that is not the idea. A little bit today and another tomorrow but never stop doing something, because stopping the wheel of energy that prompted you to start will slow down and postpone the project you long for. You will leave it for when there is time, when you have inspiration, when it flows, and sometimes life does not flow, it stagnates but you have to shine and move on.

5. WIDE YOUR SOCIAL CIRCLE: Humans by nature are sociable. Not going out and getting to know new cultures, thoughts or opinions will make you focus on your opinion only, this being negative in personal relationships. Listening to the opinion of someone who is outside allows you to see another point of view, perhaps the problem is not as serious as you thought and that person will help you discover it.

6. BE PATIENT: Good results take time, remember that experience makes perfect. Enjoy the process of your change woman! Although the wait is difficult, do not lose hope and focus on what you want. The time invested will be worth it not because of the result but because of what you have learned, that's what life is all about. Learning and reinventing yourself!

7. AGRADECE: Siempre que te levantes y acuestes no olvides agradecer por lo que pasó, pasa y va a pasar; agradece por todo lo que te rodeó y principalmente da gracias porque esta cambiando para tu bien, créeme, siempre es por tu bien aunque no lo veas, aunque te sientas solo, aunque el dolor te ahoge. ¡Todo lo que sucede es para tu bien!

8. MAKE A PHYSICAL CHANGE: Yes ... it works, it is a good option to remove something old from you, the best is a new look. It helps you to always look your best: cut your hair, change the color, lose weight, change clothes, they will make you look like a woman who is passionate about what she does, full of good energy and overflowing with joy wherever Wow, optimal features for the success you want.

To better face the challenges that your life , Shine!

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➡️Your children⬅️

Your children are not your children 

they are sons and daughters of life, 

eager for themselves. 

They don't come from you, but through you 

and even if they are with you they do not belong to you.

You can give her your love

but not your thoughts, well,

they have their own thoughts.

You can warm their bodies 

but not their souls, because,

they live in the house of tomorrow, which you cannot visit,

not even in dreams.

You can strive to be like them

but do not try to make them similar to you

because life does not go back,

nor does it stop at yesterday.

You are the arch of which, your children

like living arrows they are thrown.

Let the tilt

in your archer hand

be for happiness.

For although he loves

the arrow that flies,

he loves the stable bow in the same way.

khalil gibran.

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➡️The meaning of living and the simplicity of being⬅️

The sense of living and the simplicity of being.

Simplicity is a virtue since it requires a high level of consciousness and it is not simple who wants but who can. We usually complain that life is complicated, hard and really when we say this we confuse life with survival. Life simply flows like a river that runs despite the obstacles in its path, it is the mind that creates complications when we forget our essence and start living from the ego, we need the power and wisdom to overcome the obstacles . When we forget what is essential, what we really are, we complicate our lives, what we believe is important at all times causes us to lose what is essential. The important thing is that immediate desire that is ephemeral because once it is achieved it ceases to be important, if you think about things that three years ago were important to you and now are not. Personality is clothed with what is important: hierarchy, status, that others value and recognize you.

"In a complex world, less is more"

Simplicity is the opposite, simplicity is simply being, it is when you accept yourself, you value yourself, you respect yourself; It is a harmonious relationship with yourself and from that place without the least effort you make others respect and value you. The more complicated you see life for you is because your fears and your ego do not allow you to flow.

Knowing the truth will set you free.

This phrase does not refer to identifying truths and lies, this means becoming aware of: I am aware that what I am living as truth will be free of beliefs, fanaticism, limiting thoughts, erroneous behavior patterns. When we speak of freedom, we speak of non-conditioning. Nor is it about absolute truth because we know absolute truth does not exist, there are small truths that lead us to great truths through situations that by knowledge and experimentation make us become aware and in the end we acquire wisdom and wisdom is the key to the door of truth. When you can say: This I no longer believe, they have not told me, they have not instilled it in me, I know this because I have lived it and I have acquired the experience, I have acquired the consciousness and the wisdom with which this is true for me It is true in my world, and it does not mean that it is true for others based on the fact that each person is a world.

Truth is a belief, it is a door that opens, but when that belief becomes entrenched, it is a door that closes through ignorance, inexperience, through assumptions and fanaticism.

       "Stop throwing your life away when you have to throw away all the garbage in your life"

The law of balance.

This law explains that two poles have a middle point, the two poles are part of the truth but they are not the absolute truth, when we move away from the poles, we find the path of truth that is the fusion of both polarities. When you know the truth that makes you free then you begin to be simple, there is no struggle, there is detachment, you let yourself go, you make patience, perseverance, day to day make life be lived and everything takes on meaning, everything It is magical, we find beauty in everyday life, in everything that crosses our path. When life is lived, life is simple and in simplicity there is coherence, honesty, transparency, unconditional love. When we value life as something that evolves with each breath, with each heartbeat, with each decision we make, life is simple, simple and essential.

"We all have two lives and the second begins when we realize that we only have one"


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➡️With which one is falling, what more could you ask for? ⬅️

After a pandemic like the Coronavirus, we all want to take time off for ourselves and more than one person has crossed our minds to create a company. However, what is being an entrepreneur? Are there special characteristics that these people have? Can we all be entrepreneurs? Are the skills I have the necessary and adequate to become a good entrepreneur?

Peter Drucker: renowned researcher, author of several books on management, indicates that the entrepreneur does not have special characteristics and that in themselves they are not necessary; that he has personally witnessed hundreds of cases in which ordinary people have performed very well as entrepreneurs. According to this definition, the entrepreneur can be anyone, regardless of the qualities he or she possesses.

However, current statistics show that there are specific factors that can determine, with a certain degree of certainty, whether an entrepreneur will have enough elements to properly run his business. For example, the ability to manage your workers .

It is not a secret to anyone that most employers in 2021 view their employees as another resource to manage within the company. They don't pay enough attention or time to you, and they don't care about your personal needs. The worker only has obligations to fulfill and instead I will pay him a salary when the company has the funds, in most cases they are convinced that they are doing a favor to society by meeting the established payment deadlines, because «with which you are falling, what more could you ask for?

This vision fractures the structure of the company and directly affects its performance. The employer has the duty to recognize and enhance the capabilities of its workers to incorporate their capital gains in the company. Treating an employee like your own family will allow you to strengthen the mission and spirit of the organization by ensuring the success of its operation in your presence and absence.

To be an entrepreneur you need the ability ad to create a business family, and trust her!

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➡️Emotional intelligence or the emotional intelligence⬅️

Daniel Golenman defines it as the ability to accurately identify our own emotions and also the emotions of others. It is the ability to use emotions to our advantage and apply them to tasks such as thinking and problem solving.

Why do people with high IQ suffer so much? It is because of the lack or little emotional intelligence that they have that makes them drown in a glass of water and feel that the world is falling on them. Emotional intelligence includes self-control, persistence, and self-motivation.

Empathy is one of the characteristics of people with emotional intelligence since it is a fundamental tool that allows us to understand the feelings and emotions of other people and that makes us connect with what the other feels, put ourselves in their shoes and act accordingly. .

Tolerance to frustration is key to developing our emotional intelligence, we must accept that things will not always turn out the way we want and that suffering is an inherent part of life, but if we manage to mentally anticipate that what is likely will not happen. we hope or that there may be unexpected turns that are not to our liking, we will be able to contemplate several variables and thus we will be better prepared.

"Use pain as a stone in your path, not as a camping area"

Alan Cohen.

Emotional self-regulation is the ability to experience emotions of any kind, negative or positive in a moderate and flexible way and that fundamentally depends on the attitude, for example, when we are afraid of a situation X we must take control and try to have a positive internal dialogue To manage that emotion as well as possible, phrases such as: We are going to control ourselves, we have to be brave, we can get out of this, I am calm, it is already happening, etc.

"Intense negative emotions absorb all of the individual's attention, hampering any attempt to attend to something else."

Daniel Golenman.

Perseverance is a variable that is closely related to success and being persistent is a matter of training, it is about setting realistic goals that we can meet and above all, understanding that results and gratification are at the end of the road and that to get there Until then we will not be exempt from making mistakes that are part of learning and evolution.

If we want to achieve great goals we have to be willing to endure a certain discomfort, it is like pain when you train, that discomfort tells us that we are doing well and it is part of the process.

"Happiness is not the absence of problems, but the ability to deal with them"

People with great emotional intelligence are not perfectionists because they know that perfection does not exist, they reject the feeling of failure that the incessant search for perfection brings, since trying to be perfect we will never be able to enjoy our achievements.

They know their strengths and weaknesses well. They know how to value their strengths and how to use them in a way that can compensate for their weaknesses, and they take advantage of these strengths in all their social settings.

They are self-motivated since their motivation comes from within and they are very clear about their goals and what they need to achieve it.

They have empathy for others and are genuinely interested in other people, they are able to tune into body language and facial expressions to understand the expressions of others, even without words.

They are not afraid of change since they know how to control their fears so that they do not paralyze the path towards their goals, they accept change as necessary for personal growth and they have the ability to be flexible to adapt when necessary.

They know how to handle their emotions, they know how to channel anger towards situations or events instead of towards people since they are rational and can keep their emotions under control. They are confident and self-assured enough not to be offended by trivial things.

We need more people who care about others, people who hold us together, who see human sensitivity as a strength of the species, leaders who think about collective well-being, proactive people who know how to listen and with an optimistic attitude towards life. People who give us smiles and touch our hearts.

"When emotional intelligence merges with spiritual intelligence, human nature is transformed"

Deepak Chopra.

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➡️ Do you enjoy the moment? ⬅️

While it's good to work toward your goals, don't you feel like constantly chasing things makes you run all the time and not "enjoy the moment"? What if, for example, while you are in a country and you think "Hmm, I really would like to stay here longer ..." I mean a real feeling, not a whim?

You have many goals and you are doing current things to work towards them, but life gives you new and unexpected situations that change directions and divert your path; Literally when you walk you find side streets that are worth it, trying to listen to the surprises that arise, and enjoy each day without thinking about the end of the destination.

Like I said, great question. The short answer in my case is yes, from time to time I would like to stay longer somewhere. I feel like this every time I travel. I'm not sure what to expect from the sites, so I don't plan on staying much longer than 7 days, but then they turn out to be one of my favorite places in the world and I want to extend my stay until I become an expert local guide for that city.

For example, before visiting Montreal, I felt that I had already seen enough of the world and it wouldn't be that different. (It's not always popular to say so, but in various regions of the world, many of the locations are quite similar.) However, Montreal is a magical place and so much fun at the same time. The city has its own life that may sound strange but is as real as its language and delicious French food.

Besides being a city full of opportunities of all kinds, this destination is the meeting point of many cultures. Visiting Montreal means seeing, smelling, tasting and listening to many corners of the world. You can listen to music (mainly jazz) in any of its streets and enjoy a night of spectacular dance in the Latin Quarter , after a good drink in the bars of Boulevard St-Laurent .

«The important thing is not to travel to go anywhere, it is to travel to move.

Get out of your comfort zone. »

I travel to travel. I like the process of going from one place to another. I like airports, buses, shuttles, hotel rooms, trains, subways… and I like putting the pieces of the puzzle together: how can I get three different tickets in a short space of time? How can I apply for visas for Burundi and Cameroon simultaneously? Will I have enough time for a trip to Turkey before traveling to Canada?

Lately, there are many pieces within the puzzle that make up a trip: PCR, Vaccination Certificate, Visa, Stay Form, etc. And, of course, the fact that what works for some does not work for others. But what defines whether any of us are successful in enjoying the moment is not necessarily related to geography.

Valuing life is generally more of an internal decision than a response to external circumstances. If you've ever been happy during a stressful time at work or unhappy on vacation, you understand how it works.

So, in that sense, it's better to find a way to enjoy all you can at any given moment, even if your final destination changes and you fall in love with the city that would be your bridge!

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