Cambia tu futuro hoy

What if we change the phrase "You have to see to believe" by "You have to believe to see"?

The future is built in the present, on a day-to-day basis. The expectations you have at the beginning of a new day greatly influence the results you will obtain that same day, since your attitude tells the universe what you expect from it.

Remember that you are not going to have the kind of day you want to have. Not! You are going to have the kind of day, job, relationships, economy or life that you hope to have.

You see the difference?

If we expect great things to happen in our lives, we will act according to these expectations and great things will happen. It's that easy.

Cree en tí

Believing that something can be done motivates us to go for it, on the contrary, believing that it cannot be paralyzed because beliefs about our possibilities drive us or repress us.

Within each person there is a great power, the question is whether that power is activated or deactivated. Learning to believe in yourself is the starting point to achieve goals.

The first challenge of each person is to water the garden of the mind through the repetition of positive messages that begin to internalize and become part of the subconscious that is what governs our lives.

La religión de todos los hombres debería ser a de creer en sí mismos

Fears vs. Successes

"Do what you fear and the fear will disappear"

Any emotion exists because it is useful, the problem is when that emotion does not fulfill its function.

Fear is a necessary emotion because in the face of any threat it allows us to react intelligently, but the problem arises when fear paralyzes us, blocks us and cancels us.

There is a stimulating fear that mobilizes us and drives us to do our best, and there is a toxic fear that paralyzes us. Faced with this situation, we must choose what to do with fear.

Fear is countered by doing, daring, taking control.

Enfrenta tus miedos

"If I were born again I would live differently because I have spent more than 80% of my time preparing for problems that never arose"

                                                                            Jorge Luis Borjas, writer

Create a successful future

Success is nothing more than the daily application of discipline.

The achievement of results works according to the following scheme:

Success is built on habits, habits in repetition and repetition in discipline. It is not enough to have motivation, which is what encourages us to start, but we must create habits because they are what allow us to achieve goals. Habits are acquired by repetition based on practicing the same task over and over again and therefore a variable is essential: "Discipline", which is doing what has to be done without excuses.

What you have to do is often the most uncomfortable thing to do, which is why many people do not get results.

La mente que se abre a una nueva idea jamás volverá a su tamaño original

Our life is the result of the average of the 5 people with whom we interact, so it is essential to be in the right environments, so be careful who you hang out with.

Success is not a matter of luck or miracles, it is simply the consequence of consistently applying basic principles with discipline and purpose.

To succeed you have to stop being normal, you cannot discover new worlds with old eyes, for some things to come in, others have to come out to make room. It is the law of life.

We are unique, unrepeatable, the essential of each person is their uniqueness. What you must do is find your difference and put it in value, discover your rarity, your originality and then give it shape.

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