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Throughout our lives we face difficult situations that in one way or another end up affecting or dulling our personality. If this is the case, I would like to share with you my own actions that have helped me to change that situation:

1. BE YOURSELF: Your essence cannot change, it is you, Feel proud of being who you are !. It is about improving, modifying, highlighting the strengths that you have and working on them to enhance them. But when you feel lost, go back to the beginning, to those places, people, things that make you smile, and little by little you will regain your zen.

2. READS A LOT! GET KNOWLEDGE: Do you have your life project? The best thing you can do to have a clear path in your personal goals is: Read the best books on topics related to self-improvement. Educate yourself and fill yourself with positive information! Any source of positive information that adds value to you is the best instrument to discover your path: books, podcasts, movies, programs, therapies; any track is good to build your path but always focused on what you really want. Do not get distracted!

3. PRACTICE CONSTANTLY: As you acquire new skills and knowledge, the first thing you should do is practice them every day without fail. Remember that everyday are new pages to write, take the opportunity to appropriate the new and stand out woman! Sometimes work, home, life gets more and more loaded every day, but don't let yourself be distracted. If you really want something, wherever you are, you have to go for it, because no one else will do it for you.

4. START STEP BY STEP: Like the song, start with short-term goals that you can achieve. Do not go over the top yet, otherwise you would end up discouraged and not wanting to continue fighting and that is not the idea. A little bit today and another tomorrow but never stop doing something, because stopping the wheel of energy that prompted you to start will slow down and postpone the project you long for. You will leave it for when there is time, when you have inspiration, when it flows, and sometimes life does not flow, it stagnates but you have to shine and move on.

5. WIDE YOUR SOCIAL CIRCLE: Humans by nature are sociable. Not going out and getting to know new cultures, thoughts or opinions will make you focus on your opinion only, this being negative in personal relationships. Listening to the opinion of someone who is outside allows you to see another point of view, perhaps the problem is not as serious as you thought and that person will help you discover it.

6. BE PATIENT: Good results take time, remember that experience makes perfect. Enjoy the process of your change woman! Although the wait is difficult, do not lose hope and focus on what you want. The time invested will be worth it not because of the result but because of what you have learned, that's what life is all about. Learning and reinventing yourself!

7. AGRADECE: Siempre que te levantes y acuestes no olvides agradecer por lo que pasó, pasa y va a pasar; agradece por todo lo que te rodeó y principalmente da gracias porque esta cambiando para tu bien, créeme, siempre es por tu bien aunque no lo veas, aunque te sientas solo, aunque el dolor te ahoge. ¡Todo lo que sucede es para tu bien!

8. MAKE A PHYSICAL CHANGE: Yes ... it works, it is a good option to remove something old from you, the best is a new look. It helps you to always look your best: cut your hair, change the color, lose weight, change clothes, they will make you look like a woman who is passionate about what she does, full of good energy and overflowing with joy wherever Wow, optimal features for the success you want.

To better face the challenges that your life , Shine!

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