➡️When a Cycle is Closed⬅️

Jaque Mate

When a cycle closes it is something very good, it means maturity in the processes of life, perfect harmony with the universe, it is the law of cause and effect that applies directly to us, there is no need to worry, we must be grateful, it means that We are ready for the next level for a new beginning and that change is wrapped up in all the things we learned, let go of and overcome in the previous stage. Remember that no state is permanent, everything is transitory like the natural cycle of life. You have to re-work the land and sow so that the new crops germinate and be able to enjoy the new, the now.

Volver a trabajar la tierra y sembrar

I insist on embracing change and all that it entails and above all on having the certainty that all future times have to be better, much better since we are made of our experiences and the ability to reinvent ourselves in every moment. You always choose how you want to assimilate it, you can allow bad experiences to dominate you and be a spiteful and infected being of anguish and suffering, or you can focus on all the wisdom that is acquired and that the bad moments you went through serve as creative frustration of a better present-future that allow you to be your best version.

Tú decides


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