El sentido de vivir y la simplicidad de ser

The sense of living and the simplicity of being.

Simplicity is a virtue since it requires a high level of consciousness and it is not simple who wants but who can. We usually complain that life is complicated, hard and really when we say this we confuse life with survival. Life simply flows like a river that runs despite the obstacles in its path, it is the mind that creates complications when we forget our essence and start living from the ego, we need the power and wisdom to overcome the obstacles . When we forget what is essential, what we really are, we complicate our lives, what we believe is important at all times causes us to lose what is essential. The important thing is that immediate desire that is ephemeral because once it is achieved it ceases to be important, if you think about things that three years ago were important to you and now are not. Personality is clothed with what is important: hierarchy, status, that others value and recognize you.

"In a complex world, less is more"

Simplicity is the opposite, simplicity is simply being, it is when you accept yourself, you value yourself, you respect yourself; It is a harmonious relationship with yourself and from that place without the least effort you make others respect and value you. The more complicated you see life for you is because your fears and your ego do not allow you to flow.

Knowing the truth will set you free.

This phrase does not refer to identifying truths and lies, this means becoming aware of: I am aware that what I am living as truth will be free of beliefs, fanaticism, limiting thoughts, erroneous behavior patterns. When we speak of freedom, we speak of non-conditioning. Nor is it about absolute truth because we know absolute truth does not exist, there are small truths that lead us to great truths through situations that by knowledge and experimentation make us become aware and in the end we acquire wisdom and wisdom is the key to the door of truth. When you can say: This I no longer believe, they have not told me, they have not instilled it in me, I know this because I have lived it and I have acquired the experience, I have acquired the consciousness and the wisdom with which this is true for me It is true in my world, and it does not mean that it is true for others based on the fact that each person is a world.

Truth is a belief, it is a door that opens, but when that belief becomes entrenched, it is a door that closes through ignorance, inexperience, through assumptions and fanaticism.

       "Stop throwing your life away when you have to throw away all the garbage in your life"

The law of balance.

This law explains that two poles have a middle point, the two poles are part of the truth but they are not the absolute truth, when we move away from the poles, we find the path of truth that is the fusion of both polarities. When you know the truth that makes you free then you begin to be simple, there is no struggle, there is detachment, you let yourself go, you make patience, perseverance, day to day make life be lived and everything takes on meaning, everything It is magical, we find beauty in everyday life, in everything that crosses our path. When life is lived, life is simple and in simplicity there is coherence, honesty, transparency, unconditional love. When we value life as something that evolves with each breath, with each heartbeat, with each decision we make, life is simple, simple and essential.

"We all have two lives and the second begins when we realize that we only have one"


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