¿Enamorarte de una persona de otro país te hace más creativo?

Have you ever thought about leaving everything for love , starting from scratch? Traveling to another continent because you had fallen in love? Or have you already done it? If so, you know what I'm talking about.

If there is something capable of connecting two people thousands of miles apart, it is LOVE . It is curious that two souls find themselves traveling, in places they do not belong to and that it is then when they connect.

That precise moment that serves to light the unstoppable fuse that sets everything in motion: a new trip, a business, a change of country, a vital project, children in another hemisphere ... Because there are people who when they come together create magnificent things, motivating each other and making creativity fly.

Let's fall in love! Let's discover what is behind those sensations that make magic emerge, the spark of life .

Love between two people who belong to different countries enhances creativity, because it awakens your curiosity to learn another language to understand it and communicate your feelings. You want to know their environment and their culture to know what that person likes, what motivates them to smile and function every day. Exploring your field of work opens your mind to innovate in other areas and discover that perhaps you are made for that too.

The ability to generate new ideas towards undertaking a different path, raises your self-esteem that will allow you to take the necessary risk to boost your life, believe in yourself ,believe in your potential. The multiculturalism that this love gives you stimulates the richness of your spirit and your mind because learning will be infinitely greater in the opportunities that we will have to know other religions in depth, adaptive wealth to different social contexts, diverse traditions ... leading us to greater tolerance, respect and flexibility .

With creativity we arrive at solutions that allow us to adapt to the context that is constantly changing; When having a partner from another country, motivation plays an important role, which makes us approach that unknown culture with greater interest and soak up it. Although it also depends on the open-mindedness that we have. The greater the openness to the experience, the more stimulation, so there could be the possibility of having greater creative capacities.

The relationship between two people of different cultures is a real mental adventure!

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