➡️Have you heard of alpha women?⬅️

        «El acto más valiente sigue siendo pensar por ti mismo. En voz alta». –Coco Chanel

And that's precisely what alpha women do: they think for themselves, they lead their own way, and they are never intimidated. But what exactly are alpha women? Alpha women are those who radiate confidence, leadership, and strength in everything they do. They are not intimidated by anything or anyone, and are always ready to take on any challenge that comes their way.
Alpha women are a true phenomenon, they prefer to lead their way. They are smart, witty, insightful, and always one step ahead. But let's not confuse alpha women with "bossy". The former are self-confident and know what they want, while the latter try to control everything around them out of insecurity. Alpha women are free and allow themselves to be vulnerable, but they never lose their strength.
It may be a little difficult for them to find a partner because they are not convinced by nice words but by deeds, they are able to control their feelings, if they feel that they are falling in love with someone who is not suitable for them, they know how to put an end to it, they are not afraid of loneliness because he loves freedom.

       «Tienes que creer en ti mismo cuando nadie más lo hace » . – Serena Williams

Alpha women are often thought of as cold and calculating, but that couldn't be further from the truth. Alpha women are just like everyone else, but what makes them different is their ability to face life with determination and courage.
An Alpha woman is not afraid of challenges and is always willing to learn. There's nothing I can't accomplish, from running a business to climbing a mountain. But be careful, do not try to step on their territory or you will awaken the lioness in you.
Alpha women are an example to follow for all women. since they have learned to trust themselves and their abilities, and they know how to face life's challenges. If you're ever lucky enough to meet an alpha woman, befriend her, because you sure have a lot to learn from her.

«El amor verdadero no viene a ti, tiene que estar dentro de ti» . – Julia Roberts 

Alpha women are extraordinary beings who deserve to be admired. They are a perfect combination between strength and sensitivity. If you come across one, don't panic, just follow her example and learn from her. And if you are an Alpha woman, you remain yourself and you never change. After all, being an Alpha female is something you can't fake.

«Fall in love with you, with life. And after whoever you want» . – Frida Kahlo

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