Hay quienes van de puntillas por la vida para llegar a salvo a la muerte

Let's reflect on this phrase:

From the moment we are born, we are conditioned by the family, the environment, the society that label us, classify us in that it should be this way or that way and impregnate us with fears, doubts, fears.

The classic phrases we say to children: don't touch there, you can't speak, don't do that, etc. they create limitations for us and frame us in a preconceived model from which it is difficult for us to escape.

History has shown that successful or outstanding people in their fields are the ones who have separated themselves from these suggestions since failure to a large extent is for those who accept the limitations imposed by others without question.


If you do nothing to change what is bothering you, do not complain about your condition. If your beliefs and limitations hold you back, it is time to change them and if you are willing and want to see a positive change, you must leave the comfort zone since in the comfort zone you will survive, you will be safe, but by leaving it, you will learn, evolve and you will enjoy what you do.


equilibra tu vida

Your inner dialogue is the key. There is a close relationship between mind and body, one depends on the other and vice versa.

If we are sad, we have a greater chance of getting sick and if we are self-motivated we can achieve what we propose, this shows the close relationship I am talking about. That is why you must choose the emotions with which we want to vibrate.

It is incredible to see how the simple gesture of smiling, even if we are sad, changes our body chemistry and we will soon see a change because we are sending information from your body to the brain and, as imperceptible as it may seem, it is a way to control emotions.

Reprograma tu cerebro

Don't let your emotions control you. You can always choose and install the emotions that allow you to see the good side or the best side of things.

Remember that everything is relative. Everything that you now believe to be true could be a lie.

This is why I end with a tip to take control of your existence:

Always question the apparent truths that you know and seek your own.  

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