La empatía en los HUMANOS

We tend to think that our mission in life is to find our way by solving our problems without disturbing others. Following this line of thinking, we focus on family, friends, and the small circle of people we have at home. As the years pass and the experience comes into our lives, some of us are realizing that opening our emotions and being empathic with the community in which we live is also part of mental health.

According to psychologists Empathy is the ability to understand the emotional life of another person, almost in all its complexity. This does not necessarily mean sharing the same opinions and arguments that justify the state or reaction expressed by the other person.

I define it as keeping the active brain by means of the active listening. When you are not empathetic, your brain isolates itself from the society and universe in which it lives, navigating like an automaton zombie in its own world. Your emotions decrease to the point that you do not react to the injustices that you may encounter on your way, you do not understand the pain of others and you cannot measure the magnitude of what is happening around you.

Your brain suffers a loss of emotional intelligence that stops the possibility of creating new ideas and undertaking new projects both personally and professionally.

Empathy is the best tool we have to build solid foundations in our lives, enrich our relationships with others, and connect in a world full of opportunities and freedom. It is the most important communication that we can have as human beings, developing the trust and respect that we demand so much from society.

We all carry within us a kind and empathetic human being, but it is an individual choice to feed him or not!

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