La Fuerza de la Palabra

Words come to life, words project, they are a foretaste of our destiny. It is also our business card. You cannot claim to have a prosperous life if your thoughts are always negative, if you have poor words, you will have a poor life. Sow with your words what you want to reap. With our tongue we can bless our life or we can curse it.

Pay attention to what you say. Learn to prophesy good things, if the limiting thoughts are supposed to be in our subconscious to be alert and keep us safe, then we nuance our life with compassionate, helpful, constructive and optimistic language for everyone. Project the best for you from your words.

Mother Teresa of Calcutta said:

"Don't invite me to a march against the war, invite me to a FAVOR OF PEACE march and I'll be the first to attend"

You see the difference? It's about emphasizing the positive.

Sometimes we get entangled with our words, it is not about what you think because at some point we all have negative thoughts, it is normal, but they become entangled when you speak them, there you give body, they solidify: I am never lucky, I have no talent, I'm not good at this, I'm not capable, etc. be aware that each expression similar to these makes you get stuck in your own words and most of the time we are not even aware of it, a language of deficiencies and limitations gives way to mediocrity.

TALK ABOUT VICTORIES FOR YOUR LIFE - Connect your desires to your reality, be bold and call or speak to the things you dream of. Do not use your words to describe your negative or lack situation, rather use your words to change your perception, and although negative thoughts will come, the key is not to verbalize them in order to take away their power, do not give them life by mentioning them.

Rafael Echeverría in his book Anthology of Language states that language not only serves to describe reality but can also modify it.

CREATE YOUR WORLD WITH YOUR WORDS - In life there are always two voices competing for your attention: the voice of FAITH and the voice of defeat and you decide which voice comes to life. Remember that everything happens, nothing is permanent, everything is transitory. The important thing is not to lose the positive focus. When you face challenges in your life, prophesy a future of advancements, victories, harmony and love.

  • New and good opportunities are in my future.
  • When a door closes, something better will come.
  • Everything that happens is convenient and is for the best.
  • Something good is going to happen to me.
  • My health is continually being restored.
  • I´m capable
  • I'm ready.
  • The force is with me.

Use language to empower, project, help and infect many to think that with words we are creating a better world for everyone.

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