¿La mujer inteligente acostumbra estar soltera?

One of the many clichés that women suffer from society is the denomination of feminists - independent - single - intelligent. We are qualified and chained to concepts that do not really define a woman because we all have a bit of each of them. Fortunately, today, women can choose what we want to dedicate ourselves to or with whom we want to share our life ... and even decide to stay single.

But then the debate begins: "that spinster is not happy because she has no family, she is not married" or "she is single because she missed the rice", among other comments that reject true summary reflection: every woman should be free to choose her own destiny..

This includes the possibility of falling in love, forming a family, never falling in love or going from flower to flower. There is nothing wrong with any of these options (or any other). There is no direct relationship between the sentimental life and the motherhood of a woman, age is not an hourglass that consumes your time to be a mother, and neither is our fulfillment as a woman to become one one day.

The cultural slogan endorsed by many studies: » single women tend to be smarter«It is not a pattern to be 100% believed or proud of. For me, all women are smart whether they are married or single.

A confident, independent, intelligent woman can be a brilliant scientist and mother of a family at the same time. Create with your partner a wonderful home full of peace and family balance. Plan managerial strategies that elevate your job title and honeymoon weekend getaways with your husband.

On the other hand, we can be intelligent and happy women without incessantly looking for men who appreciate us and with whom to share life . This is not a measure of more or less intelligent than anyone. That is why we must always question the approaches that society requires of us to have an orderly life: stable employment, a formal partner and, at a certain age, children and forming a family and a home.

¡As a free and intelligent woman you just have to look for your happiness!!

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