LA PÉRDIDA, el duelo

Dedicated to Isela Rojas Castro and to the memory of Iris Castro Rodríguez.

Es increíble reconocer que nacemos sabiendo que algún día vamos a morir pero no estamos preparados para eso y vivimos como si nunca fuéramos a irnos. Cuando perdemos a un ser querido el dolor y el impacto es profundo, sentimos que se pierde una parte de nosotros, alguien que con su amor alimentaba nuestra alma, que nos hacía sentir protegidos. Existen conexiones y sentimientos muy fuertes con nuestros seres amados y ese vacío es imposible de reemplazar pero siempre podemos hacer algo para paliar la pérdida.


We have to get up and continue because life has more plans for us because our path continues and there are more people and goals awaiting us, we can use the pain of loss to rebound and show ourselves that we can continue regardless. There is a plan for everyone and the true meaning of being human is to live, find yourself and be happy. Let's look from a broader perspective: If unfortunately we have lost a loved one, at the same time we always have something good left, the things we learned with him remain, the people who unite us with him and the dreams that remained to be fulfilled to enjoy them with him, then we have an obligation to move forward.

It is very sad indeed, but what use is too much sadness? So much sadness and prayer will not bring him back, we must focus on satisfying the desires of the loved one and think about how he would like to see us.

We can strengthen ourselves and turn pain into a lever to develop the will. Replace sadness with inner strength and determination, then even if one part of you feels pain, the other will generate more will to continue and fulfill your wishes.

In some strange or magical way, if we are useful and happy, that person who left us will also be happy, he will rest in peace, or at least we will have a clear conscience that we honor him even after he has left. It is also good to think that we are in essence more than matter. There is something else that cannot be seen, that cannot be felt but that is felt with the heart.

"We are not human beings living a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings living a human experience".

Wayne Dyer

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