¿La política influye en la salud mental?

The first thought of the human being when they mention politics is of rejection and denial; For many people, politics is that negative part of life that we can avoid at all costs and thus cannot affect us. But, the truth is that politics will always influence our lives in a positive or negative way, simply by living in society.

Mental health depends on several factors, including the environment that surrounds us, be it internal (our home) or external (work and society). Therefore there is a direct relationship between mental health and politics because we live in a community and above all because of the exposure we currently have with the media and social networks.

However, we lower our heads and close our eyes to the obvious, or we prefer to change the subject as soon as possible so as not to have to face the reality in which we live. This state even leads us to minimize the use of these social and communication media to justify our reaction through ignorance of what is happening in the world.

On the other hand, the people who, if they decide to debate politics and incorporate it as one more element of their life, do not know how to control the interests of fanaticism, and are immersed in an eternal battle with the politicians who govern them. They are not resilient to the changes that may occur during this term and stress affects their mental health uncontrollably.

We can't forget about the world we live in, but we can control our exposure and maintain positive mental health!

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