La vida es un viaje de autodescubrimiento, una búsqueda

Vivimos la vida distraídos por tonterías y no nos detenemos a preguntarnos seriamente: ¿Cuál es el sentido de la vida? ¿Qué es lo que quiero, que es lo que estoy buscando? O ¿Qué es lo que espero encontrar? Detrás de todo esto, el anhelo final es ser feliz.  

Aristotle said that happiness is the end of all action, that for which we were created. Blaise Pascal made a reflection on happiness: All men seek happiness, without any exemption, no matter what means you use, all seek that same end, the reason why some go to war and others avoid it is the same reason in both from different perspectives. It is what motivates the actions of every man.  

We often mistake fleeting pleasures for the true happiness for which we were created. The growing feeling that you have to look for something else to fill it, you can fill your soul with everything that the world can give you and you would continue looking for something more. 

Many people destroy their life due to dissatisfaction that creates anxiety, stress and they enter a loop that prevents them from enjoying the present, others just settle for existing. 

We are very good at postponing happiness, we think that one day we will be happy, when we achieve, we find, we have something that we do not have today.  

The first mission in life as adults is to find the meaning and purpose of our lives. You must know why you are here, what you were created for and all part of self-knowledge and knowing that we have the ability to change for the better, loving ourselves and taking care of ourselves, is having a deep appreciation for who we are and when you take a step to help yourself. yourself, in the end you end up helping everyone.
Happiness can be found in moments, on the road, in the process, in the search.

Progress equals happiness, when you grow you expand. Life is not always happy, but it can be meaningful. we make decisions at every moment in life, the problem is that sometimes we make decisions unconsciously.  

We must control our focus, most people focus on what they lack, if you constantly focus on what you lack, you will not be able to stay happy, and when you are not happy the energy that helps you go to the next level is depleted . If you concentrate and part of what you have, you will be more satisfied, you will have more energy. Another pattern is to focus on what you have no control over, instead of what you do have control over, you cannot control the world, but you can control your inner and thus influence your outer world.  

If you have the courage to leave behind everything that protects and comforts you and embark on an inner journey in search of your truth; if you allow everything that happens to you to illuminate your path and you admit that everyone who crosses your path comes to teach you something; If you are prepared to face some of the very harsh realities of yourself and be responsible and consistent with your decisions, then you will find your truth and meaning in your life. 

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