Por favor seamos Proactivos no Reactivos

Proactive people are those who are in control of their life, pursue their goals and make their own path guided by their heart because they believe in themselves.

"Being proactive is part of human nature and while proactive muscles may be numb, they are certainly in their place" Stephen Covey

Many people wait for things to fall from the sky, they wait for the opportunity, or they choose between what there is, not to take responsibility for anything, they always blame everything external and get angry easily, these people are reactive. Typical expressions of reactive people are: I am like that and I cannot change, thereby denying any possibility of improvement and justifying their behavior. Reactive people react and are affected by their physical and social environment without entering into an analysis of the situation and expect others to solve their problems, they tend to stay in the problems and resign themselves to them, blaming their misfortunes on others.

"When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are faced with the challenge of changing ourselves."
Victor Franqui

On the contrary, proactive people make things happen, they take the initiative and solve their own problems, they know that it is up to them to try to change or achieve things and this attitude makes them improve, learn, improve and reinvent themselves. Proactive people know their strengths and weaknesses very well, they are not conditioned by others or by circumstances.
In matters of love, proactive people are guided by what their heart wants, while reactive people are capable of sabotaging a relationship by what others think and when others condition you, you are showing fears, insecurities and weakness of character and a wrong reflection of who you are.

Taking initiative does not mean being pushy, annoying or aggressive, it means acknowledging our responsibility to make things happen.

How can we work proactivity?
We must start by working on the only thing we have control, on ourselves, paying attention to our thoughts and our internal dialogue, pausing before reacting and asking ourselves what certain responses that we give out of place or closed behaviors lead us to. Eliminate phrases such as: I am not responsible, I cannot do anything about it, it is because of ...

To be proactive we need to focus our efforts in three areas:

  • Keep a focus on finding solutions.
  • Exercise the ability to make better decisions.
  • Invest in your personal development and raise your standards.

The human being is infinitely intelligent and has the ability to continuously correct and improve himself, we have demonstrated this throughout the history of humanity as he also has the ability to self-destruct, it is a personal matter to choose which path to take, but I have the faith to wait. that we are more those who want to live in a friendly world and do our bit so that more people see life as something wonderful and take obstacles as links for our evolution.

"Life is very dangerous not because of the people who do evil but because of those who sit down to see what happens"
Albert Einstein.

"Success is connected to action. Successful people keep moving, they make mistakes, but they never give up".
Conrad Hiltón.

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