¿Se pueden usar las etiquetas en la pansexualidad?

The world is full of many concepts about sexual orientations, which are still taboo (at best) or directly a reason for social punishment (at worst). However, the fact that in many cultures the freedom of individuals to be attracted to whomever they want to be recognized does not mean that all these orientations are emerging equally and receiving the same attention. 

To check this we only need to know how many people are familiar with the word pansexuality?

Both gay and straight people divide society into sexes to determine which is the most attractive to them. Pansexual people, on the other hand, do not use these labels or qualifications since they do not take into account the word "sex"; it is simply a sexual and emotional attraction to people of any gender.

This means that if a woman is attracted to another woman, she cannot be locked into the concept of homosexual or lesbian, since she rejects the distinction between man and woman that gives meaning to that measurement tool. We could say then that pansexuality does not use labels, scales, extremes; it is simply a sexual orientation that is not governed by established parameters.

Someone pansexual does not take into account neither the sex of a subject nor the way in which their behavior more or less conforms to one gender or another. Both sex and gender are considered to be empty concepts but this does not mean that they fall in love with just anyone. You are simply attracted to people.

In a society free of labels, concepts, stereotypes and clichés, people are more open and happy.

They are able to assimilate the idea that it is possible to be attracted to people, without more!

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