¿Somos compañeros de piso o pareja?

It is becoming more and more common in a marriage or courtship to feel stagnant and continue in the relationship for a long time without passion, emotion or love. Phrases like "I feel like a roommate with my partner", "I'm just with my partner and nothing else" or "We have gotten used to each other and we no longer expect anything"; They are the answers that we give to define the sentimental situation that we live.

The fact of considering that love within a relationship undergoes several stages, during the maturation of the couple, does not justify that we continue to be tied to the idea of ​​sharing with a person and living with them interacting as friends, acquaintances or roommates.

For one reason or another, the relationship reaches a stagnant phase in which boredom or even frustration prevails over not feeling interested in doing things together. The intimate approach, the caresses and manifestations of love are lost. The empty and very concise conversations are the only complement that sustains the monotony at home.

To delay the coexistence, we look for shields that justify the reality that we do not want to see: it is work stress, I have a lack of sleep, it is poor management of discussions, I have taboo topics that I cannot address with my partner, we are incompatible in the schedule or there is a lack of leisure in our lives that allows us to have friends in common.

It is not about looking for a dramatic end in the love relationship, nor about passivity and apathy filling the rarefied atmosphere of the home due to the deficiencies in the essence of that love.

It's about walking together in the pursuit of happiness for both!

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