Todo el mundo necesita un Coach

If we look for the beginnings of this key figure of the 21st century, we can know the importance that as an agent of change and reflection, that person who gives us feedback, who gives us that vision about ourselves and what we do, that leads us to improve in each thing that we propose and teach us to face the new challenges and the new circumstances that arise.

It took a global pandemic for many of us to realize the uncertainty in which we live. Nothing is assured, many circumstances can change around us overnight and we can't do anything to control them because they are so much bigger than us.

If we let ourselves be carried away by that thought, we panic and freeze, overwhelmed by the situation. Precisely a coach can act in this area by preventing us from being swallowed up by those things that are beyond our control.

A coach teaches us to live, that is, to move forward despite the many moments of uncertainty that arise throughout a person's existence. Coaching helps you to know yourself, because despite living a time of excellent connection with technology, we are less connected with ourselves. That is why it is increasingly common to hear people say: "I'm lost, I don't know what to do with my life."

If a coach can make us learn to deal with external circumstances that influence us but that we cannot control; if it also allows us to focus our life taking advantage of our maximum potential; And if, on top of that, it provides us with the tools not to settle into a fictitious comfort zone, what this figure is achieving is something that we all continually yearn for:

To be able to be happier in our day to day!

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