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Live for yourself and the way you want

What is it like to live for yourself? Have you ever considered a question like this? Surprisingly, most people do not understand the true meaning of this phrase. People often think, for some reason, that the person who lives for himself is selfish, narcissistic, without taking into account the opinions of others. But is that the case?

Living for yourself, not for your husband, children, relatives, colleagues and any good deity, that does not mean being a bad person. This concept has a different meaning in psychology: to value, sincerely love your own "I", always find time for activities that interest you and not go against your beliefs and moral principles.

If you think you need to learn to live for yourself, you will have to work on yourself to finally start enjoying life. Believe me: if you are happy, then the people around you will receive only a positive experience from you. Here are some tips for living life.

Back to the past

When time passes, forgetting what we wanted out of life becomes natural. One way to rescue this is by telling close friends and family what we always said we wanted to do in life, what our dreams were, what we talked about. Such responses can help us reconnect when our needs were most vibrant with the phase of life. This does not mean radical changes at all times. So, for example, bringing back an old hobby interest, meeting old friends, doing things that we set out to do and did not do for lack of time is a way of doing something that makes sense to us.

volver al pasado

Create a vision board

Reserve a place to create a frame of your dreams and goals with a collage of images, sketches and phrases. This is a great way to nurture hope and change inspiration. The image does not have to be large: the intention is to explain what you want and release the current of your internal manifestations. This exercise can also help you identify what something awakens in you in pictures and words. So take the time to enjoy this creative process.

tablero de visión

Set your perfect day

Take about 10 minutes out of your day to describe what a perfect day in your life would look like. What would happen in those 24 hours if you could live several times a day? It would be much better, write down everything you want to do, from waking up to bedtime. Describe all the details of your perfect day and feel the emotion that you imagine it, what your home is like, your workplace, what you are going to eat, who your friends are, etc. It's a good way to keep an eye on your wishes and visualize them.

Hoy es un día perfecto para ser feliz

Fight for change if it makes you happy

Loving yourself is the beginning of an adventure that lasts a lifetime

Oscar Wilde

Many of us have a latent fear of drastically changing something in our lives, but it is precisely the change that takes us out of the comfort zone and makes us evolve, learn, know and take on the challenges involved in facing the new, a stranger. The question is to embrace the change and take it as a new possibility to test ourselves, to be able to decide how we want to live that change and everything new that it could bring us.

Vivir ese cambio
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