Con la que está cayendo ¿qué más se puede pedir?

After a pandemic like the Coronavirus, we all want to take time off for ourselves and more than one person has crossed our minds to create a company. However, what is being an entrepreneur? Are there special characteristics that these people have? Can we all be entrepreneurs? Are the skills I have the necessary and adequate to become a good entrepreneur?

Peter Drucker: renowned researcher, author of several books on management, indicates that the entrepreneur does not have special characteristics and that in themselves they are not necessary; that he has personally witnessed hundreds of cases in which ordinary people have performed very well as entrepreneurs. According to this definition, the entrepreneur can be anyone, regardless of the qualities he or she possesses.

However, current statistics show that there are specific factors that can determine, with a certain degree of certainty, whether an entrepreneur will have enough elements to properly run his business. For example, the ability to manage your workers .

It is not a secret to anyone that most employers in 2021 view their employees as another resource to manage within the company. They don't pay enough attention or time to you, and they don't care about your personal needs. The worker only has obligations to fulfill and instead I will pay him a salary when the company has the funds, in most cases they are convinced that they are doing a favor to society by meeting the established payment deadlines, because «with which you are falling, what more could you ask for?

This vision fractures the structure of the company and directly affects its performance. The employer has the duty to recognize and enhance the capabilities of its workers to incorporate their capital gains in the company. Treating an employee like your own family will allow you to strengthen the mission and spirit of the organization by ensuring the success of its operation in your presence and absence.

To be an entrepreneur you need the ability ad to create a business family, and trust her!

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