Controlar tus finanzas ante la crisis

In the days that we live, finding a way to save or switch to a stable, well-paying job is like thinking about winning the lottery without even buying a tenth.

But I can tell you that this, like everything in life, is about knowing how to manage finances while maintaining absolute control of every penny you spend or invest in your personal economy.

The first strategy is to make all purchases with the credit card and establish a comfortable fixed payment fee, according to the expected income to be received and the limit granted on your card.

Second, do not plan all purchases for a specific date such as Christmas or the Three Wise Men. Ideally, take advantage of discounts and promotions throughout the year that allow you to pay for the same product at the lowest possible price, so practice financial patience .

Following this line, the third strategy is to control impulses and consumption. Advertising is synonymous with consumption that causes you to spend more money. Therefore, evaluate the quality-price and above all your true shopping tastes, prioritizing what you really need. Making a list always helps you focus on this strategy.

Fourth, do not buy when you feel sad or negative because you are going to spend more to feel abundant in those moments. Use those emotions to your advantage selling what you no longer like or don't fit. This will help you recover part of the invested cost and clear your ideas positively.

Last but not least, strategy five is to maintain a low level of debt and with the best interest rate. Using your income to pay borrowed money is more expensive than spending your entire salary on purchases the same day you receive it. If you learn to control your finances in the face of the crisis you will not have to borrow and pay extra in interest.

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