Ganar más dinero no es Ser más rico

It is very common to think about earning more money to accumulate more wealth and buy more. This is a mistake that we must correct in order to achieve the financial stability that we long for.

To achieve this goal, let's start by clarifying something important: increasing profits is not generating wealth. They are similar concepts but generating wealth includes being able to save and invest .

For example, if you earn € / $ 1000 or more per month because you have an extra for commissions or you simply work more hours, this amount is to increase your earnings. But, despite this, you cannot make ends meet because the money is not enough, so you are not richer because you are not generating wealth.

We have this problem only because we are not financially educated to eliminate the habits of poverty that affect regardless of the profits obtained.

Financial education refers to the proper management of your money. Something as simple as: generate different sources of income , divide your bank accounts and invest in your mind.

Generating different sources of income is the extra or variable that we earn more in those hours worked in the same company or double salary for working in a different one. This monthly bonus should be transferred or deposited in a bank account other than the usual one, in order to convert it into wealth through savings or investment plans.

Investing in yourself is the best way to line your pockets and achieve financial stability. Changing your mind and habits of poverty allows you to improve the focus and perspectives in your life projects because earning more money is not being richer.

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