➡️ Why do we travel alone? ⬅️

Traveling is more than a word and traveling alone is more than a lonely road. Traveling has become a real and exciting relationship that I never want to part with. I travel with me because it is the way to tell the world: I am free to dream and fight for my dreams! Our goal in life is to be happy. I never travel alone… I am always with myself and my dreams!

I travel alone because I learned that happiness is in being free, in understanding that you don't need anyone other than yourself to be the woman you dreamed of; free and authentic. Because it serves to adjust the imagination to reality and to see things as they are, instead of thinking how they will be. I am filled with wonderful people along the way and I feel like the world is smaller and more achievable.

In a moment of the trip I forgot and healed; I managed to put my fears aside. These experiences let me know how far I can go and why they have allowed me to meet wonderful people, why I feel part of the whole when I do it, because it makes me realize that only one is a multitude, and suddenly the whole of humanity becomes a family.

I learned to know myself and to share time with me! Getting lost is an adventure, I developed a sense of alertness and location. It is a way of showing that it is worth taking the risk and verifying that nothing can go wrong. The magic of sharing what you are living is what gives life to each trip, it is what drives you to go further, that is the magic of traveling alone, living life your way and knowing that you are doing the right thing, not for the world if not for yourself.

I travel alone to break the stereotypes that the world instills in us, so I can connect with my essence and recognize myself. In this way I can strengthen myself in any adversity, get out of my comfort zone, expand the horizons of the world and of life. Traveling introduces a stimulus in my intellectual capacities, makes me more creative and develops my social and emotional skills.

The best thing happens when you are out of your comfort zone, get the most out of you and learn from yourself and others every day!

➡️THE LOSS, the duel⬅️

Dedicated to Isela Rojas Castro and to the memory of Iris Castro Rodríguez.

Es increíble reconocer que nacemos sabiendo que algún día vamos a morir pero no estamos preparados para eso y vivimos como si nunca fuéramos a irnos. Cuando perdemos a un ser querido el dolor y el impacto es profundo, sentimos que se pierde una parte de nosotros, alguien que con su amor alimentaba nuestra alma, que nos hacía sentir protegidos. Existen conexiones y sentimientos muy fuertes con nuestros seres amados y ese vacío es imposible de reemplazar pero siempre podemos hacer algo para paliar la pérdida.


We have to get up and continue because life has more plans for us because our path continues and there are more people and goals awaiting us, we can use the pain of loss to rebound and show ourselves that we can continue regardless. There is a plan for everyone and the true meaning of being human is to live, find yourself and be happy. Let's look from a broader perspective: If unfortunately we have lost a loved one, at the same time we always have something good left, the things we learned with him remain, the people who unite us with him and the dreams that remained to be fulfilled to enjoy them with him, then we have an obligation to move forward.

It is very sad indeed, but what use is too much sadness? So much sadness and prayer will not bring him back, we must focus on satisfying the desires of the loved one and think about how he would like to see us.

We can strengthen ourselves and turn pain into a lever to develop the will. Replace sadness with inner strength and determination, then even if one part of you feels pain, the other will generate more will to continue and fulfill your wishes.

In some strange or magical way, if we are useful and happy, that person who left us will also be happy, he will rest in peace, or at least we will have a clear conscience that we honor him even after he has left. It is also good to think that we are in essence more than matter. There is something else that cannot be seen, that cannot be felt but that is felt with the heart.

"We are not human beings living a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings living a human experience".

Wayne Dyer

➡️ Does falling in love with a person from another country make you more creative? ⬅️

Have you ever thought about leaving everything for love , starting from scratch? Traveling to another continent because you had fallen in love? Or have you already done it? If so, you know what I'm talking about.

If there is something capable of connecting two people thousands of miles apart, it is LOVE . It is curious that two souls find themselves traveling, in places they do not belong to and that it is then when they connect.

That precise moment that serves to light the unstoppable fuse that sets everything in motion: a new trip, a business, a change of country, a vital project, children in another hemisphere ... Because there are people who when they come together create magnificent things, motivating each other and making creativity fly.

Let's fall in love! Let's discover what is behind those sensations that make magic emerge, the spark of life .

Love between two people who belong to different countries enhances creativity, because it awakens your curiosity to learn another language to understand it and communicate your feelings. You want to know their environment and their culture to know what that person likes, what motivates them to smile and function every day. Exploring your field of work opens your mind to innovate in other areas and discover that perhaps you are made for that too.

The ability to generate new ideas towards undertaking a different path, raises your self-esteem that will allow you to take the necessary risk to boost your life, believe in yourself ,believe in your potential. The multiculturalism that this love gives you stimulates the richness of your spirit and your mind because learning will be infinitely greater in the opportunities that we will have to know other religions in depth, adaptive wealth to different social contexts, diverse traditions ... leading us to greater tolerance, respect and flexibility .

With creativity we arrive at solutions that allow us to adapt to the context that is constantly changing; When having a partner from another country, motivation plays an important role, which makes us approach that unknown culture with greater interest and soak up it. Although it also depends on the open-mindedness that we have. The greater the openness to the experience, the more stimulation, so there could be the possibility of having greater creative capacities.

The relationship between two people of different cultures is a real mental adventure!

➡️The Force of the Word⬅️

Words come to life, words project, they are a foretaste of our destiny. It is also our business card. You cannot claim to have a prosperous life if your thoughts are always negative, if you have poor words, you will have a poor life. Sow with your words what you want to reap. With our tongue we can bless our life or we can curse it.

Pay attention to what you say. Learn to prophesy good things, if the limiting thoughts are supposed to be in our subconscious to be alert and keep us safe, then we nuance our life with compassionate, helpful, constructive and optimistic language for everyone. Project the best for you from your words.

Mother Teresa of Calcutta said:

"Don't invite me to a march against the war, invite me to a FAVOR OF PEACE march and I'll be the first to attend"

You see the difference? It's about emphasizing the positive.

Sometimes we get entangled with our words, it is not about what you think because at some point we all have negative thoughts, it is normal, but they become entangled when you speak them, there you give body, they solidify: I am never lucky, I have no talent, I'm not good at this, I'm not capable, etc. be aware that each expression similar to these makes you get stuck in your own words and most of the time we are not even aware of it, a language of deficiencies and limitations gives way to mediocrity.

TALK ABOUT VICTORIES FOR YOUR LIFE - Connect your desires to your reality, be bold and call or speak to the things you dream of. Do not use your words to describe your negative or lack situation, rather use your words to change your perception, and although negative thoughts will come, the key is not to verbalize them in order to take away their power, do not give them life by mentioning them.

Rafael Echeverría in his book Anthology of Language states that language not only serves to describe reality but can also modify it.

CREATE YOUR WORLD WITH YOUR WORDS - In life there are always two voices competing for your attention: the voice of FAITH and the voice of defeat and you decide which voice comes to life. Remember that everything happens, nothing is permanent, everything is transitory. The important thing is not to lose the positive focus. When you face challenges in your life, prophesy a future of advancements, victories, harmony and love.

  • New and good opportunities are in my future.
  • When a door closes, something better will come.
  • Everything that happens is convenient and is for the best.
  • Something good is going to happen to me.
  • My health is continually being restored.
  • I´m capable
  • I'm ready.
  • The force is with me.

Use language to empower, project, help and infect many to think that with words we are creating a better world for everyone.

➡️ How does lying affect your brain? ⬅️

Many people are on the theory that little "white" lies can get you out of "embarrassing" situations. But the so-called "white lies" far from being harmless, undermine the brain's sensitivity to immorality itself. A study by scientists revealed that the constant repetition of little lies that we usually consider relatively inconsequential does indeed have consequences, even at the brain level.

The repetition of lies for their own benefit ends up undermining the brain's sensitivity to one's own immorality, thus creating a “snowball” effect that ends up unleashing major acts of dishonesty. Through a series of measurements of brain activity, the scientists were able to discover that this pattern of behavior negatively affected the level of activity of the amygdala, the brain region responsible for the production of emotions.

As the activity level decreases, the sensitivity to one's own dishonest behavior also decreases. Lying affects physical and mental health because it can cause headaches, throat problems, stress, and sadness. Therefore, honesty is not only synonymous with good values, but also with good health. As human beings we live in community, therefore telling the truth improves the quality of personal relationships and these, in turn, improve the quality of life .

On a day-to-day basis, avoid falling into made-up excuses, stop exaggerating your achievements and telling half-truths that lead you to create unhealthy lies that directly affect your physical and mental health.

Debemos pensar lo que vamos a decir antes de responder. Si no lo hacemos caeremos posiblemente en el peligroso hueco de las mentiras, gastando nuestro tiempo y energía física y mental. En lugar de emplearlo de manera positiva y constructiva!

➡️ Do you trust your instinct? ⬅️

Travelers say that « One of the wonders of nature that is repeated every year happens in the Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary, in the state of Michoacán, Mexico. There, from October to April, millions of Monarch butterflies can be observed that, despite their small size, only 9 cm, migrate thousands of kilometers. Without GPS or any ultra-modern navigation system, the species is able to return to the same hibernation sites after several generations. Monarch butterflies repeat their journey every year, coming from North America. Their flight patterns are intuitive, inherited, and apparently based on a mix of circadian rhythms and the position of the sun in the sky. It is one of the few insects that manages to make transatlantic crossings. A few Monarch butterflies arrive in southwestern Britain and Spain in favorable wind years »… guided by their instincts .

This story of the Monarch butterflies that are carried away by their instinct to undertake their journey that will take them to warmer places where they can spend the winter seems to me a good example to encourage us to drop moorings, to leave the Port, to leave our area of comfort to reach destinations we dream of.

We all need, as Monarch butterflies do, to embark on a journey to achieve the goals we have set for ourselves. Relying on our intuition to direct us towards our dreams and make them come true and not wait to have everything under control. Because that is what life consists of, taking risks for what we dream and believe, for what we are passionate about and learn to trust.

Trust your instuition, in what makes your heart vibrate and excite your soul. Trust in the flight without fear of the result you may have, because even being negative you have already gained an experience, you learned to function in a new habitat and most importantly you prove to yourself that you can do everything.

And yes, it is very important to set goals, to establish where we want to go. Goals direct us, guide us, but we must not let them take total control of our life and prevent us from enjoying the present.

Therefore, when you make up your mind, when you start your trip, put your five senses and enjoy because only then can you feel when the wind blows in your favor.

So, listen to your instincts that will help you choose which path is the most appropriate and the one that takes you further!

➡️Life is a journey of self-discovery, a search⬅️

Vivimos la vida distraídos por tonterías y no nos detenemos a preguntarnos seriamente: ¿Cuál es el sentido de la vida? ¿Qué es lo que quiero, que es lo que estoy buscando? O ¿Qué es lo que espero encontrar? Detrás de todo esto, el anhelo final es ser feliz.  

Aristotle said that happiness is the end of all action, that for which we were created. Blaise Pascal made a reflection on happiness: All men seek happiness, without any exemption, no matter what means you use, all seek that same end, the reason why some go to war and others avoid it is the same reason in both from different perspectives. It is what motivates the actions of every man.  

We often mistake fleeting pleasures for the true happiness for which we were created. The growing feeling that you have to look for something else to fill it, you can fill your soul with everything that the world can give you and you would continue looking for something more. 

Many people destroy their life due to dissatisfaction that creates anxiety, stress and they enter a loop that prevents them from enjoying the present, others just settle for existing. 

We are very good at postponing happiness, we think that one day we will be happy, when we achieve, we find, we have something that we do not have today.  

The first mission in life as adults is to find the meaning and purpose of our lives. You must know why you are here, what you were created for and all part of self-knowledge and knowing that we have the ability to change for the better, loving ourselves and taking care of ourselves, is having a deep appreciation for who we are and when you take a step to help yourself. yourself, in the end you end up helping everyone.
Happiness can be found in moments, on the road, in the process, in the search.

Progress equals happiness, when you grow you expand. Life is not always happy, but it can be meaningful. we make decisions at every moment in life, the problem is that sometimes we make decisions unconsciously.  

We must control our focus, most people focus on what they lack, if you constantly focus on what you lack, you will not be able to stay happy, and when you are not happy the energy that helps you go to the next level is depleted . If you concentrate and part of what you have, you will be more satisfied, you will have more energy. Another pattern is to focus on what you have no control over, instead of what you do have control over, you cannot control the world, but you can control your inner and thus influence your outer world.  

If you have the courage to leave behind everything that protects and comforts you and embark on an inner journey in search of your truth; if you allow everything that happens to you to illuminate your path and you admit that everyone who crosses your path comes to teach you something; If you are prepared to face some of the very harsh realities of yourself and be responsible and consistent with your decisions, then you will find your truth and meaning in your life. 

➡️Can labels be used in pansexuality? ⬅️

The world is full of many concepts about sexual orientations, which are still taboo (at best) or directly a reason for social punishment (at worst). However, the fact that in many cultures the freedom of individuals to be attracted to whomever they want to be recognized does not mean that all these orientations are emerging equally and receiving the same attention. 

To check this we only need to know how many people are familiar with the word pansexuality?

Both gay and straight people divide society into sexes to determine which is the most attractive to them. Pansexual people, on the other hand, do not use these labels or qualifications since they do not take into account the word "sex"; it is simply a sexual and emotional attraction to people of any gender.

This means that if a woman is attracted to another woman, she cannot be locked into the concept of homosexual or lesbian, since she rejects the distinction between man and woman that gives meaning to that measurement tool. We could say then that pansexuality does not use labels, scales, extremes; it is simply a sexual orientation that is not governed by established parameters.

Someone pansexual does not take into account neither the sex of a subject nor the way in which their behavior more or less conforms to one gender or another. Both sex and gender are considered to be empty concepts but this does not mean that they fall in love with just anyone. You are simply attracted to people.

In a society free of labels, concepts, stereotypes and clichés, people are more open and happy.

They are able to assimilate the idea that it is possible to be attracted to people, without more!

➡️Please be Proactive not Reactive⬅️

Proactive people are those who are in control of their life, pursue their goals and make their own path guided by their heart because they believe in themselves.

"Being proactive is part of human nature and while proactive muscles may be numb, they are certainly in their place" Stephen Covey

Many people wait for things to fall from the sky, they wait for the opportunity, or they choose between what there is, not to take responsibility for anything, they always blame everything external and get angry easily, these people are reactive. Typical expressions of reactive people are: I am like that and I cannot change, thereby denying any possibility of improvement and justifying their behavior. Reactive people react and are affected by their physical and social environment without entering into an analysis of the situation and expect others to solve their problems, they tend to stay in the problems and resign themselves to them, blaming their misfortunes on others.

"When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are faced with the challenge of changing ourselves."
Victor Franqui

On the contrary, proactive people make things happen, they take the initiative and solve their own problems, they know that it is up to them to try to change or achieve things and this attitude makes them improve, learn, improve and reinvent themselves. Proactive people know their strengths and weaknesses very well, they are not conditioned by others or by circumstances.
In matters of love, proactive people are guided by what their heart wants, while reactive people are capable of sabotaging a relationship by what others think and when others condition you, you are showing fears, insecurities and weakness of character and a wrong reflection of who you are.

Taking initiative does not mean being pushy, annoying or aggressive, it means acknowledging our responsibility to make things happen.

How can we work proactivity?
We must start by working on the only thing we have control, on ourselves, paying attention to our thoughts and our internal dialogue, pausing before reacting and asking ourselves what certain responses that we give out of place or closed behaviors lead us to. Eliminate phrases such as: I am not responsible, I cannot do anything about it, it is because of ...

To be proactive we need to focus our efforts in three areas:

  • Keep a focus on finding solutions.
  • Exercise the ability to make better decisions.
  • Invest in your personal development and raise your standards.

The human being is infinitely intelligent and has the ability to continuously correct and improve himself, we have demonstrated this throughout the history of humanity as he also has the ability to self-destruct, it is a personal matter to choose which path to take, but I have the faith to wait. that we are more those who want to live in a friendly world and do our bit so that more people see life as something wonderful and take obstacles as links for our evolution.

"Life is very dangerous not because of the people who do evil but because of those who sit down to see what happens"
Albert Einstein.

"Success is connected to action. Successful people keep moving, they make mistakes, but they never give up".
Conrad Hiltón.

➡️Everyone needs a Coach⬅️

If we look for the beginnings of this key figure of the 21st century, we can know the importance that as an agent of change and reflection, that person who gives us feedback, who gives us that vision about ourselves and what we do, that leads us to improve in each thing that we propose and teach us to face the new challenges and the new circumstances that arise.

It took a global pandemic for many of us to realize the uncertainty in which we live. Nothing is assured, many circumstances can change around us overnight and we can't do anything to control them because they are so much bigger than us.

If we let ourselves be carried away by that thought, we panic and freeze, overwhelmed by the situation. Precisely a coach can act in this area by preventing us from being swallowed up by those things that are beyond our control.

A coach teaches us to live, that is, to move forward despite the many moments of uncertainty that arise throughout a person's existence. Coaching helps you to know yourself, because despite living a time of excellent connection with technology, we are less connected with ourselves. That is why it is increasingly common to hear people say: "I'm lost, I don't know what to do with my life."

If a coach can make us learn to deal with external circumstances that influence us but that we cannot control; if it also allows us to focus our life taking advantage of our maximum potential; And if, on top of that, it provides us with the tools not to settle into a fictitious comfort zone, what this figure is achieving is something that we all continually yearn for:

To be able to be happier in our day to day!