➡️Flow Status or Optimal Experience⬅️

When you are involved in a task that you lose track of time, when you are so focused on something that you fully enjoy and have all 5 senses in it, that is FLUIR, we are in a state of Flow. In this state everything flows because nothing else is lived in the present. It is a state of concentration and full abstraction in a specific activity or situation.

Normally we live in chaos, where we are dominated by worries, doing a task and thinking about things to do, about information of all kinds. It happens to us that we are in a place and thinking about something, someone and we do not pay attention to what we have in front of us, when we delay what we should do because we are distracted as the phrase says: "Thinking of shrews", we are in body, but not in soul. This causes our mental energy to disperse and we lose focus, the information that you reach us is not congruent with our purposes. Well, the opposite happens to the state of Flow, which is entropy, disorder, chaos.

Consciousness is ordered information and each one defines what information remains and what does not, we do this through ATTENTION, since attention is in charge of selecting which information is most relevant to our consciousness, in this way the personality is built . The set of all the elements that have circulated through the consciousness of a person: places, actions, beliefs, desires, etc. roughly make up his way of being since we are the combination of what we have lived and the way we have processed what we have lived.


Concentration and focus: If you have a clear objective and carry out tasks that you do not like, even so, if you focus and concentrate to the maximum, any task will be pleasant and easier.

Feeling that you are progressing, that things are being done well and that you are in control of what you do is the key to identifying the state of Flow.

Create clear, specific goals, this will enhance attention and you will know exactly how to do it.

Learn to control your conscience, listen to your inner dialogue, recognize opportunities for action, improve skills and set achievable goals.


The practice of this state is a continuous improvement, you can change bad experiences or what is difficult for you into easy and enjoyable, you will be able to notice the details that you previously overlooked.

You have the power to avoid distractions and focus on pursuing your goals as where you put your energy and attention will determine the outcome.

The feeling of fusion with what you do: Enjoy with a person, a book, a song, a landscape and whatever you do will be incredible.


➡️Are we roommates or a couple? ⬅️

It is becoming more and more common in a marriage or courtship to feel stagnant and continue in the relationship for a long time without passion, emotion or love. Phrases like "I feel like a roommate with my partner", "I'm just with my partner and nothing else" or "We have gotten used to each other and we no longer expect anything"; They are the answers that we give to define the sentimental situation that we live.

The fact of considering that love within a relationship undergoes several stages, during the maturation of the couple, does not justify that we continue to be tied to the idea of ​​sharing with a person and living with them interacting as friends, acquaintances or roommates.

For one reason or another, the relationship reaches a stagnant phase in which boredom or even frustration prevails over not feeling interested in doing things together. The intimate approach, the caresses and manifestations of love are lost. The empty and very concise conversations are the only complement that sustains the monotony at home.

To delay the coexistence, we look for shields that justify the reality that we do not want to see: it is work stress, I have a lack of sleep, it is poor management of discussions, I have taboo topics that I cannot address with my partner, we are incompatible in the schedule or there is a lack of leisure in our lives that allows us to have friends in common.

It is not about looking for a dramatic end in the love relationship, nor about passivity and apathy filling the rarefied atmosphere of the home due to the deficiencies in the essence of that love.

It's about walking together in the pursuit of happiness for both!

➡️Is the intelligent woman used to being single? ⬅️

One of the many clichés that women suffer from society is the denomination of feminists - independent - single - intelligent. We are qualified and chained to concepts that do not really define a woman because we all have a bit of each of them. Fortunately, today, women can choose what we want to dedicate ourselves to or with whom we want to share our life ... and even decide to stay single.

But then the debate begins: "that spinster is not happy because she has no family, she is not married" or "she is single because she missed the rice", among other comments that reject true summary reflection: every woman should be free to choose her own destiny..

This includes the possibility of falling in love, forming a family, never falling in love or going from flower to flower. There is nothing wrong with any of these options (or any other). There is no direct relationship between the sentimental life and the motherhood of a woman, age is not an hourglass that consumes your time to be a mother, and neither is our fulfillment as a woman to become one one day.

The cultural slogan endorsed by many studies: » single women tend to be smarter«It is not a pattern to be 100% believed or proud of. For me, all women are smart whether they are married or single.

A confident, independent, intelligent woman can be a brilliant scientist and mother of a family at the same time. Create with your partner a wonderful home full of peace and family balance. Plan managerial strategies that elevate your job title and honeymoon weekend getaways with your husband.

On the other hand, we can be intelligent and happy women without incessantly looking for men who appreciate us and with whom to share life . This is not a measure of more or less intelligent than anyone. That is why we must always question the approaches that society requires of us to have an orderly life: stable employment, a formal partner and, at a certain age, children and forming a family and a home.

¡As a free and intelligent woman you just have to look for your happiness!!

➡️Resilience, THE WORD OF FASHION⬅️

According to the RAE, Resilience is the ability of a living being to adapt to a disturbing agent or an adverse state or situation.

Resilience is a word very in line with these times of COVID. We have all had to adapt to unexpected situations and seek solutions to alleviate our sorrows, we have made adjustments of all kinds and accumulated patience, we have exercised prayer, prayer, empathy and collaboration.

Simply translated, Resilience is the art of transcending adverse circumstances and showing that we are made despite the vicissitudes of the moment, it is the art of continuing to stand despite everything or nothing.

The good news is that resilience is a muscle that we can exercise every time we respond positively to something, that we creatively solve something. When we focus on the solution and not the problem, we are exercising and strengthening our resilience muscle.


People who are not very resilient perceive adversity in a negative way, believe that they do not have the means to face it, and block and cancel their growth mechanisms. Resilient people, on the other hand, perceive adversity as a challenge and this allows them to draw their inner strength and try not to collapse no matter how painful it is.

Do not get caught in the bad times, do not behave like a victim, the problems are there to help us grow. Tell your best story and live with good will, list your joys, live your present applying everything you have learned positively and plan your future with optimism, use your strengths to move forward, change your defeatist thoughts for thoughts that reinforce your resilience. Remember that it is not about being afraid but about moving forward despite obstacles, despite fear.

The flower that blooms in adversity is the rarest and most beautiful of all.

➡️Does politics influence mental health? ⬅️

The first thought of the human being when they mention politics is of rejection and denial; For many people, politics is that negative part of life that we can avoid at all costs and thus cannot affect us. But, the truth is that politics will always influence our lives in a positive or negative way, simply by living in society.

Mental health depends on several factors, including the environment that surrounds us, be it internal (our home) or external (work and society). Therefore there is a direct relationship between mental health and politics because we live in a community and above all because of the exposure we currently have with the media and social networks.

However, we lower our heads and close our eyes to the obvious, or we prefer to change the subject as soon as possible so as not to have to face the reality in which we live. This state even leads us to minimize the use of these social and communication media to justify our reaction through ignorance of what is happening in the world.

On the other hand, the people who, if they decide to debate politics and incorporate it as one more element of their life, do not know how to control the interests of fanaticism, and are immersed in an eternal battle with the politicians who govern them. They are not resilient to the changes that may occur during this term and stress affects their mental health uncontrollably.

We can't forget about the world we live in, but we can control our exposure and maintain positive mental health!

➡️ Empathy in HUMANS⬅️

We tend to think that our mission in life is to find our way by solving our problems without disturbing others. Following this line of thinking, we focus on family, friends, and the small circle of people we have at home. As the years pass and the experience comes into our lives, some of us are realizing that opening our emotions and being empathic with the community in which we live is also part of mental health.

According to psychologists Empathy is the ability to understand the emotional life of another person, almost in all its complexity. This does not necessarily mean sharing the same opinions and arguments that justify the state or reaction expressed by the other person.

I define it as keeping the active brain by means of the active listening. When you are not empathetic, your brain isolates itself from the society and universe in which it lives, navigating like an automaton zombie in its own world. Your emotions decrease to the point that you do not react to the injustices that you may encounter on your way, you do not understand the pain of others and you cannot measure the magnitude of what is happening around you.

Your brain suffers a loss of emotional intelligence that stops the possibility of creating new ideas and undertaking new projects both personally and professionally.

Empathy is the best tool we have to build solid foundations in our lives, enrich our relationships with others, and connect in a world full of opportunities and freedom. It is the most important communication that we can have as human beings, developing the trust and respect that we demand so much from society.

We all carry within us a kind and empathetic human being, but it is an individual choice to feed him or not!

➡️When a Cycle is Closed⬅️

Jaque Mate

When a cycle closes it is something very good, it means maturity in the processes of life, perfect harmony with the universe, it is the law of cause and effect that applies directly to us, there is no need to worry, we must be grateful, it means that We are ready for the next level for a new beginning and that change is wrapped up in all the things we learned, let go of and overcome in the previous stage. Remember that no state is permanent, everything is transitory like the natural cycle of life. You have to re-work the land and sow so that the new crops germinate and be able to enjoy the new, the now.

Volver a trabajar la tierra y sembrar

I insist on embracing change and all that it entails and above all on having the certainty that all future times have to be better, much better since we are made of our experiences and the ability to reinvent ourselves in every moment. You always choose how you want to assimilate it, you can allow bad experiences to dominate you and be a spiteful and infected being of anguish and suffering, or you can focus on all the wisdom that is acquired and that the bad moments you went through serve as creative frustration of a better present-future that allow you to be your best version.

Tú decides


➡️There are those who tiptoe through life to reach death safely⬅️

Let's reflect on this phrase:

From the moment we are born, we are conditioned by the family, the environment, the society that label us, classify us in that it should be this way or that way and impregnate us with fears, doubts, fears.

The classic phrases we say to children: don't touch there, you can't speak, don't do that, etc. they create limitations for us and frame us in a preconceived model from which it is difficult for us to escape.

Enfrenta tus miedos

History has shown that successful or outstanding people in their fields are the ones who have separated themselves from these suggestions since failure to a large extent is for those who accept the limitations imposed by others without question.


If you do nothing to change what is bothering you, do not complain about your condition. If your beliefs and limitations hold you back, it is time to change them and if you are willing and want to see a positive change, you must leave the comfort zone since in the comfort zone you will survive, you will be safe, but by leaving it, you will learn, evolve and you will enjoy what you do.


equilibra tu vida

Your inner dialogue is the key. There is a close relationship between mind and body, one depends on the other and vice versa.

If we are sad, we have a greater chance of getting sick and if we are self-motivated we can achieve what we propose, this shows the close relationship I am talking about. That is why you must choose the emotions with which we want to vibrate.

It is incredible to see how the simple gesture of smiling, even if we are sad, changes our body chemistry and we will soon see a change because we are sending information from your body to the brain and, as imperceptible as it may seem, it is a way to control emotions.

Reprograma tu cerebro

Don't let your emotions control you. You can always choose and install the emotions that allow you to see the good side or the best side of things.

Remember that everything is relative. Everything that you now believe to be true could be a lie.

This is why I end with a tip to take control of your existence:

Always question the apparent truths that you know and seek your own.  

➡️ Change your future today⬅️


What if we change the phrase "You have to see to believe" by "You have to believe to see"?

The future is built in the present, on a day-to-day basis. The expectations you have at the beginning of a new day greatly influence the results you will obtain that same day, since your attitude tells the universe what you expect from it.

Remember that you are not going to have the kind of day you want to have. Not! You are going to have the kind of day, job, relationships, economy or life that you hope to have.

You see the difference?

If we expect great things to happen in our lives, we will act according to these expectations and great things will happen. It's that easy.

Cree en tí

Believing that something can be done motivates us to go for it, on the contrary, believing that it cannot be paralyzed because beliefs about our possibilities drive us or repress us.

Within each person there is a great power, the question is whether that power is activated or deactivated. Learning to believe in yourself is the starting point to achieve goals.

The first challenge of each person is to water the garden of the mind through the repetition of positive messages that begin to internalize and become part of the subconscious that is what governs our lives.

La religión de todos los hombres debería ser a de creer en sí mismos

Fears vs. Successes

"Do what you fear and the fear will disappear"

Any emotion exists because it is useful, the problem is when that emotion does not fulfill its function.

Fear is a necessary emotion because in the face of any threat it allows us to react intelligently, but the problem arises when fear paralyzes us, blocks us and cancels us.

There is a stimulating fear that mobilizes us and drives us to do our best, and there is a toxic fear that paralyzes us. Faced with this situation, we must choose what to do with fear.

Fear is countered by doing, daring, taking control.

Enfrenta tus miedos

"If I were born again I would live differently because I have spent more than 80% of my time preparing for problems that never arose"

                                                                            Jorge Luis Borjas, writer

Create a successful future

Success is nothing more than the daily application of discipline.

The achievement of results works according to the following scheme:

Success is built on habits, habits in repetition and repetition in discipline. It is not enough to have motivation, which is what encourages us to start, but we must create habits because they are what allow us to achieve goals. Habits are acquired by repetition based on practicing the same task over and over again and therefore a variable is essential: "Discipline", which is doing what has to be done without excuses.

What you have to do is often the most uncomfortable thing to do, which is why many people do not get results.

La mente que se abre a una nueva idea jamás volverá a su tamaño original

Our life is the result of the average of the 5 people with whom we interact, so it is essential to be in the right environments, so be careful who you hang out with.

Success is not a matter of luck or miracles, it is simply the consequence of consistently applying basic principles with discipline and purpose.

To succeed you have to stop being normal, you cannot discover new worlds with old eyes, for some things to come in, others have to come out to make room. It is the law of life.

We are unique, unrepeatable, the essential of each person is their uniqueness. What you must do is find your difference and put it in value, discover your rarity, your originality and then give it shape.

Preguntate si lo que estas haciendo hoy te acerca al lugar en el que quieres estar mañana

➡️Live for yourself and the way you want⬅️

What is it like to live for yourself? Have you ever considered a question like this? Surprisingly, most people do not understand the true meaning of this phrase. People often think, for some reason, that the person who lives for himself is selfish, narcissistic, without taking into account the opinions of others. But is that the case?

Living for yourself, not for your husband, children, relatives, colleagues and any good deity, that does not mean being a bad person. This concept has a different meaning in psychology: to value, sincerely love your own "I", always find time for activities that interest you and not go against your beliefs and moral principles.

If you think you need to learn to live for yourself, you will have to work on yourself to finally start enjoying life. Believe me: if you are happy, then the people around you will receive only a positive experience from you. Here are some tips for living life.

Carpe Diem

Back to the past

When time passes, forgetting what we wanted out of life becomes natural. One way to rescue this is by telling close friends and family what we always said we wanted to do in life, what our dreams were, what we talked about. Such responses can help us reconnect when our needs were most vibrant with the phase of life. This does not mean radical changes at all times. So, for example, bringing back an old hobby interest, meeting old friends, doing things that we set out to do and did not do for lack of time is a way of doing something that makes sense to us.

volver al pasado

Create a vision board

Reserve a place to create a frame of your dreams and goals with a collage of images, sketches and phrases. This is a great way to nurture hope and change inspiration. The image does not have to be large: the intention is to explain what you want and release the current of your internal manifestations. This exercise can also help you identify what something awakens in you in pictures and words. So take the time to enjoy this creative process.

tablero de visión

Set your perfect day

Take about 10 minutes out of your day to describe what a perfect day in your life would look like. What would happen in those 24 hours if you could live several times a day? It would be much better, write down everything you want to do, from waking up to bedtime. Describe all the details of your perfect day and feel the emotion that you imagine it, what your home is like, your workplace, what you are going to eat, who your friends are, etc. It's a good way to keep an eye on your wishes and visualize them.

Hoy es un día perfecto para ser feliz

Fight for change if it makes you happy

Loving yourself is the beginning of an adventure that lasts a lifetime

Oscar Wilde

Many of us have a latent fear of drastically changing something in our lives, but it is precisely the change that takes us out of the comfort zone and makes us evolve, learn, know and take on the challenges involved in facing the new, a stranger. The question is to embrace the change and take it as a new possibility to test ourselves, to be able to decide how we want to live that change and everything new that it could bring us.

Vivir ese cambio