➡️Live without a map and travel without return⬅️

Have you ever considered living without a map? Have you experienced sailing the world with two suitcases? Buy a plane ticket with no return? These and many more questions exist as a way of life, where today is the only important thing because you can have breakfast in Spain, lunch in London and dinner in Montreal.

There are no borders in your imagination or in your desires and there should be no borders in your reality. Because you deserve it. Because "later" can - and usually is - "never." Because the time is now. Because sometimes your profession or trade does not fulfill or satisfy your deepest desires.

Because the world is bigger, more beautiful, generous and supportive than we are led to believe. Because the cultures that inhabit it are exceptional, unique and you have to know them to understand them and understand yourself better. Because traveling is an exercise in tolerance, patience, audacity and insight .

Because traveling gives you wings, gives you freedom, gives you energy, fills you with new ideas and fosters imagination, diversifies the perspective with which you usually look at your world and opens new doors for you. Because traveling is learning and making mistakes - and vice versa . Traveling frees you from ties: physical, mental, ideological, spiritual, religious, political and social. Because traveling helps you regain the curious and naive look of the girl you once were.

Put your life in two suitcases and fly as high as your wings take you. You have nothing to lose because nothing is eternal in this life and the fear of leaving everything behind is not as important as making a drastic change from habit and repetition; get up every day in a different place, make concessions with food, forms of transport, schedules.

To live happily and travel you don't need much more than the will to do it and face the plurality of now more than ever. Traveling gives you the only option to be spontaneous and analyze the situations in which you find yourself from new perspectives.

Traveling should become a compulsory university subject, to learn about other cultures, discover other ways of looking at and facing your reality.

Traveling alone knows the PRESENT tense and is experienced with the 5 senses.

Wishes should not be left alone in dreams ...

Live without a map and travel without return!

➡️ Do you enjoy the moment? ⬅️

While it's good to work toward your goals, don't you feel like constantly chasing things makes you run all the time and not "enjoy the moment"? What if, for example, while you are in a country and you think "Hmm, I really would like to stay here longer ..." I mean a real feeling, not a whim?

You have many goals and you are doing current things to work towards them, but life gives you new and unexpected situations that change directions and divert your path; Literally when you walk you find side streets that are worth it, trying to listen to the surprises that arise, and enjoy each day without thinking about the end of the destination.

Like I said, great question. The short answer in my case is yes, from time to time I would like to stay longer somewhere. I feel like this every time I travel. I'm not sure what to expect from the sites, so I don't plan on staying much longer than 7 days, but then they turn out to be one of my favorite places in the world and I want to extend my stay until I become an expert local guide for that city.

For example, before visiting Montreal, I felt that I had already seen enough of the world and it wouldn't be that different. (It's not always popular to say so, but in various regions of the world, many of the locations are quite similar.) However, Montreal is a magical place and so much fun at the same time. The city has its own life that may sound strange but is as real as its language and delicious French food.

Besides being a city full of opportunities of all kinds, this destination is the meeting point of many cultures. Visiting Montreal means seeing, smelling, tasting and listening to many corners of the world. You can listen to music (mainly jazz) in any of its streets and enjoy a night of spectacular dance in the Latin Quarter , after a good drink in the bars of Boulevard St-Laurent .

«The important thing is not to travel to go anywhere, it is to travel to move.

Get out of your comfort zone. »

I travel to travel. I like the process of going from one place to another. I like airports, buses, shuttles, hotel rooms, trains, subways… and I like putting the pieces of the puzzle together: how can I get three different tickets in a short space of time? How can I apply for visas for Burundi and Cameroon simultaneously? Will I have enough time for a trip to Turkey before traveling to Canada?

Lately, there are many pieces within the puzzle that make up a trip: PCR, Vaccination Certificate, Visa, Stay Form, etc. And, of course, the fact that what works for some does not work for others. But what defines whether any of us are successful in enjoying the moment is not necessarily related to geography.

Valuing life is generally more of an internal decision than a response to external circumstances. If you've ever been happy during a stressful time at work or unhappy on vacation, you understand how it works.

So, in that sense, it's better to find a way to enjoy all you can at any given moment, even if your final destination changes and you fall in love with the city that would be your bridge!

➡️There are many lives to live⬅️

There are many lives to live and the idea of knowing them is what moves us, the one that encourages us to let go. The idea of the unexpected, the unknown makes us feel strong and invincible. It is that drop that broke the camel's back that gave you the impulse to change, don't waste it, keep going because there is always another life to live, other people to know, another world to learn.

We are born with the idea that we have a life and as such it must be perfected to reach the climax of well-being that society imposes on us: a good house, car, work, family, etc. But have you ever asked yourself, why does it have to be one? Many lives can be lived in one life because every time you finish a story you start over from scratch.

You can be reborn in a different city, speak another language and have another profession. This is called emigration, but society also sees it as something strange when you do it several times, and they call you crazy, adventurous or simply misfit.

I see life as albatrosses. These wonderful birds all that is big about their wings, they are faithful to them. Albatrosses are seabirds of long distances, they are the globetrotters par excellence. Although the vital strategies of these seabirds (very long development cycle, delayed sexual maturity, low fertility, etc.) make them extremely vulnerable to these threats both at sea and on land, they always continue the journey.

Although albatrosses mate for life, they can find new partners if necessary, for example if they outlive their first mate. The behavior of albatrosses, which delay the time of breeding, makes them eternal travelers in search of that accompaniment or "love" that lasts for a lifetime, and what a life: albatrosses live about 50 years.

Life is not just one, because whenever you have the opportunity to change and start from scratch you start living another life. That is why you have to live many lives and fly as far as you can reach them ! .

➡️ Why do we travel alone? ⬅️

Traveling is more than a word and traveling alone is more than a lonely road. Traveling has become a real and exciting relationship that I never want to part with. I travel with me because it is the way to tell the world: I am free to dream and fight for my dreams! Our goal in life is to be happy. I never travel alone… I am always with myself and my dreams!

I travel alone because I learned that happiness is in being free, in understanding that you don't need anyone other than yourself to be the woman you dreamed of; free and authentic. Because it serves to adjust the imagination to reality and to see things as they are, instead of thinking how they will be. I am filled with wonderful people along the way and I feel like the world is smaller and more achievable.

In a moment of the trip I forgot and healed; I managed to put my fears aside. These experiences let me know how far I can go and why they have allowed me to meet wonderful people, why I feel part of the whole when I do it, because it makes me realize that only one is a multitude, and suddenly the whole of humanity becomes a family.

I learned to know myself and to share time with me! Getting lost is an adventure, I developed a sense of alertness and location. It is a way of showing that it is worth taking the risk and verifying that nothing can go wrong. The magic of sharing what you are living is what gives life to each trip, it is what drives you to go further, that is the magic of traveling alone, living life your way and knowing that you are doing the right thing, not for the world if not for yourself.

I travel alone to break the stereotypes that the world instills in us, so I can connect with my essence and recognize myself. In this way I can strengthen myself in any adversity, get out of my comfort zone, expand the horizons of the world and of life. Traveling introduces a stimulus in my intellectual capacities, makes me more creative and develops my social and emotional skills.

The best thing happens when you are out of your comfort zone, get the most out of you and learn from yourself and others every day!

➡️ Does falling in love with a person from another country make you more creative? ⬅️

Have you ever thought about leaving everything for love , starting from scratch? Traveling to another continent because you had fallen in love? Or have you already done it? If so, you know what I'm talking about.

If there is something capable of connecting two people thousands of miles apart, it is LOVE . It is curious that two souls find themselves traveling, in places they do not belong to and that it is then when they connect.

That precise moment that serves to light the unstoppable fuse that sets everything in motion: a new trip, a business, a change of country, a vital project, children in another hemisphere ... Because there are people who when they come together create magnificent things, motivating each other and making creativity fly.

Let's fall in love! Let's discover what is behind those sensations that make magic emerge, the spark of life .

Love between two people who belong to different countries enhances creativity, because it awakens your curiosity to learn another language to understand it and communicate your feelings. You want to know their environment and their culture to know what that person likes, what motivates them to smile and function every day. Exploring your field of work opens your mind to innovate in other areas and discover that perhaps you are made for that too.

The ability to generate new ideas towards undertaking a different path, raises your self-esteem that will allow you to take the necessary risk to boost your life, believe in yourself ,believe in your potential. The multiculturalism that this love gives you stimulates the richness of your spirit and your mind because learning will be infinitely greater in the opportunities that we will have to know other religions in depth, adaptive wealth to different social contexts, diverse traditions ... leading us to greater tolerance, respect and flexibility .

With creativity we arrive at solutions that allow us to adapt to the context that is constantly changing; When having a partner from another country, motivation plays an important role, which makes us approach that unknown culture with greater interest and soak up it. Although it also depends on the open-mindedness that we have. The greater the openness to the experience, the more stimulation, so there could be the possibility of having greater creative capacities.

The relationship between two people of different cultures is a real mental adventure!

➡️Start the Journey Without Fears⬅️

We live in a culture of avoidance (“from oneself and from social problems”) and alienation (“we care so much about something that we withdraw, we become alien, to ourselves"); for this reason we especially need to "travel within ourselves." For this journey - risky and inclusive, full of fears and distractions - we need to know the map with which to place ourselves in our psychological, spiritual territory, etc. In addition, we will need guides, light luggage, learn to rest and talk along the way ...

When we undertake a trip (for example during the vacation period) we often only change the scenery, the landscape, the culture, but we do not change ourselves. Despite the fact that everything induces us to change our thoughts and way of living, the reality is that psychological immobility remains intact when we return home. The vacation trip remains in pleasant memories and photographs, while our mind returns to the everyday, to the known, without risks or changes that alter our « false stability «.

Because to truly live we need to travel within ourselves . Attend with amazement our discontinuous continuity, our identity that is recreated through personal and social growth after that trip. We need to continually change in order to truly dialogue with the environment from there, to live authentically our steps along the different paths of life.

Because " everything flows ". Because people, places, situations change your life constantly. You cannot stop the river of your life, your life is born from its source, it follows its course and if you want to be aware you have to flow with it without being scared by the rapids or waterfalls, knowing how to rest in its backwaters, feed its ditches, receive its tributaries and head with a serene consciousness towards the sea. You should not anchor yourself in any idea, person, situation, experience, that prevents you from flowing, navigating, opening yourself to the life that you do and the life that makes you.

Change is not about change, for fashion. Compulsive change also takes you away from yourself. Traveling inside yourself is looking for the identity that will allow you to say your authentic word to life. It is the way to the truth about yourself. It is when you integrate, unify, come and go from the outside in and from the inside out and when the healthiest part of you guides you. You flow freely with all the opportunities and scenarios that life offers you to change or modify your steps even if they even mark another side of the path.

It is not an easy trip and being risky causes a lot of fear, proof of this are the very few people who undertake it. Most of humanity does not dare to go to the bottom of this journey to the interior of oneself, because we avoid all kinds of pain that can cause us to become aware of what we are. Fear blocks us from the dark areas that we may have but also the knowledge of the truth and the discovery of inner peace.

Fear leads us to settle in a quality, anchor ourselves in an idea or an ideology and then stop being nomads of our internal world to become superficially sedentary. It evades us from the narrow path that will allow us to achieve our goals.

But: before and after walking, start the journey without fear into yourself!

➡️ Do you trust your instinct? ⬅️

Travelers say that « One of the wonders of nature that is repeated every year happens in the Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary, in the state of Michoacán, Mexico. There, from October to April, millions of Monarch butterflies can be observed that, despite their small size, only 9 cm, migrate thousands of kilometers. Without GPS or any ultra-modern navigation system, the species is able to return to the same hibernation sites after several generations. Monarch butterflies repeat their journey every year, coming from North America. Their flight patterns are intuitive, inherited, and apparently based on a mix of circadian rhythms and the position of the sun in the sky. It is one of the few insects that manages to make transatlantic crossings. A few Monarch butterflies arrive in southwestern Britain and Spain in favorable wind years »… guided by their instincts .

This story of the Monarch butterflies that are carried away by their instinct to undertake their journey that will take them to warmer places where they can spend the winter seems to me a good example to encourage us to drop moorings, to leave the Port, to leave our area of comfort to reach destinations we dream of.

We all need, as Monarch butterflies do, to embark on a journey to achieve the goals we have set for ourselves. Relying on our intuition to direct us towards our dreams and make them come true and not wait to have everything under control. Because that is what life consists of, taking risks for what we dream and believe, for what we are passionate about and learn to trust.

Trust your instuition, in what makes your heart vibrate and excite your soul. Trust in the flight without fear of the result you may have, because even being negative you have already gained an experience, you learned to function in a new habitat and most importantly you prove to yourself that you can do everything.

And yes, it is very important to set goals, to establish where we want to go. Goals direct us, guide us, but we must not let them take total control of our life and prevent us from enjoying the present.

Therefore, when you make up your mind, when you start your trip, put your five senses and enjoy because only then can you feel when the wind blows in your favor.

So, listen to your instincts that will help you choose which path is the most appropriate and the one that takes you further!

➡️ When do travel loans make sense? ⬅️

Corporative Manager

Today, with the pandemic and the labor crisis that we are experiencing, we ask ourselves a thousand times: is it worth traveling? Is it really a good decision to spend the money I have on travel? will I need this money in the future?

I share my experience and my vision on this subject because I consider that the happiness of traveling is not compared to a good house, a successful bank account or a late-model car.

Nor do I think that traveling is impossible in these times of covid-19, like most of my family and friends; And if you have been planning a trip for a long time and you may have saved money for part or all of it, my advice is not to invest it in your trip and ask for a Travel Loan or Travel Loan.

It is always good to have money for unexpected expenses or emergencies that may arise. By using a travel loan, we can keep savings intact and pay travel costs in fixed monthly payments over time.

If something goes wrong in the future, we will have money saved to help pay for it, and we will win in two ways: by keeping savings intact and by strengthening credit history by paying off the loan. The next time we choose to borrow, we have more options in better conditions.

What is a travel loan?

A travel loan is usually a personal loan, a fixed-term loan, and without collateral. "Unsecured" means that we are not putting the home or other valuable property as collateral for the loan, and we are not in danger of losing that home or other property if for any reason we are left behind.

Lack of collateral can mean slightly higher interest rates, although exactly how high will depend on current market conditions and our personal credit score. “Fixed rate” means that whatever interest rate is agreed upon when the loan ends is the rate it will be for the life of the loan, regardless of what happens to interest rates nationwide. "Term" means the number of payments required to repay the loan, as well as the due date and the exact amount of each, is established at the beginning of the loan and will not change until the loan is paid in full, at least not without some type of refinancing approved by both us and the lender.

Some travel finance loans can be set up as "lines of credit," in which interest rates and a credit limit are set in advance, but the money is not distributed until we request it. The advantage of a line of credit is that you only take out what you need, when you need it, up to the maximum amount. Under this system, we only pay interest on the money we actually use; future needs can be managed, well… in the future.

Many lines of credit also allow us to "re-borrow" money that has been repaid. If we withdraw most of your maximum amount, for example, then over time we pay back about half, we would now have that percentage of the maximum amount available to borrow and use again. That means paying interest on the refund again, of course, making a line of credit similar in many ways to a credit card.

Any of the cases that we use to finance the trip: Line of Credit or Personal Loan, allow us to maintain savings, face an emergency situation at any time and demonstrate that travel loans have the meaning of happiness.

➡️ The best way to Finance Your Travel around the World⬅️

Office manager

When you evaluate how to finance your trip around the world, you can think of several options. There is no single option that is best suited to long-term travel financing. It really depends on the intentions and goals you have on your trip.

Traveling for 3 months or more, for many it seemed a total madness, especially because of the jobs and responsibilities we have but also because of the money that this adventure would cost us.

But if you clarify your intentions and objectives, you can decide what is the best way to finance your trip. I propose to know the best option that you can use to travel around the world.

Travel around the world without worrying about money

The idea is to build a portfolio of assets that generates enough income to cover our travel expenses on a regular basis.

For example, if we own an apartment or a house, we can rent it when we travel the world, and use part of the income to cover travel expenses.

If we work during the trip, it is another way to earn enough money to cover the expenses of the trip and generate the assets we need. If you want to travel the world without having to think about when to return, this could be for you. The term Digital Nomad during the pandemic covid-19 has almost become synonymous with long-term travel. In a nutshell, financing your trip by working while traveling means that you get to travel to the destinations you want while spending some of your time working to sponsor your trip.

The combination of these factors: renting properties and working as a Digital Nomad are the best way to finance your travel around the world.

➡️ Manage money during the trip⬅️

If we apply the tips from the previous article well: it is better to travel with financing , we have a financial budget for loose travel that allows us to designate a part to those unforeseen events that may arise.

I recommend adding medical expenses insurance to your trip even if you have part of it destined for emergencies. This medical insurance can be the same that you use in your country privately, which covers your expenses for 90 days on an international trip.

Your vacation will have the security you need in the face of the covid situation we live in and the return home will be pleasant without the stress of having spent all the money you had.

Leave this emergency money on your debit card and carry only a part of the budget in cash , the temptations to spend and the risk of losing everything due to a robbery will be less.

If you already bought the tickets for the tourist sites and the hotel in advance, you will not have to spend this cash and you save time from the walk in long lines as they are the most visited places.

Finally, and very useful for traveling, it is to record expenses during the trip . If you think about it, keeping a note on your phone with all the expenses will allow you to adjust the daily money and if you travel in a group or as a couple you will be able to control in the end how much each one owes to the other.

For this, all members of the group, for example, will download the app Splitwise and each person will add (in the group of the app) the payments they have made and if any of the members have paid them a part. Everything will be registered and you will be able to manage the money during the trip .