Viajando en tiempos de covid-19

In 2020: year of fear, uncertainty and the renewal of personal and professional purposes, the pleasure of traveling is magnified for a thousand reasons that I want to share with you.

The first thing to tell you about the huge difference in responsibilities and measures between countries in the face of the unfortunate Covid-19.

Arriving at the Barajas airport - Madrid, Spain is a feat of gladiators due to the incoherent work of the army of police and doctors who are monitoring passengers.

Their presence is a mere bureaucratic procedure or what we all call, a false facade of the government to convince us that they do their job well.

It is the airline in question who really ensures the operation of the protocols established to maintain the safety of the traveler. They ask you for 3 important documents that you need to present when boarding: Health Control Form (€ 25), Negative PCR Test (€ 99) and Boarding Pass; they monitor the health control and distancing inside the plane; and they maintain a personalized treatment for travelers with questionable health aspects.

However, in countries like Ireland or Mexico (my two trips this year), the greatest responsibility for sanitary measures is assumed by airport controls. In addition to reviewing the documentation required to travel, they take your temperature at least 2 times at the airport and sanitize your luggage and most commonly used personal items such as your handbag and mobile phone.

During the first 5 days of your stay in the country, they continue to monitor your temperature in the hotel and make several phone calls to advise the traveler on the health authorities to which they can go in case of presenting any symptoms.

Safety traveling in times of covid-19 is guaranteed by all the measures in the first place that the traveler takes before and after their flight; secondly for the professional work of airlines such as Aeroméxico and Aer Lingus , and lastly for all tourism companies such as hotels that are responsible for complying with the necessary sanitary protocols in all its facilities.

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