Vive sin mapa y viaja sin retorno

Have you ever considered living without a map? Have you experienced sailing the world with two suitcases? Buy a plane ticket with no return? These and many more questions exist as a way of life, where today is the only important thing because you can have breakfast in Spain, lunch in London and dinner in Montreal.

There are no borders in your imagination or in your desires and there should be no borders in your reality. Because you deserve it. Because "later" can - and usually is - "never." Because the time is now. Because sometimes your profession or trade does not fulfill or satisfy your deepest desires.

Because the world is bigger, more beautiful, generous and supportive than we are led to believe. Because the cultures that inhabit it are exceptional, unique and you have to know them to understand them and understand yourself better. Because traveling is an exercise in tolerance, patience, audacity and insight .

Because traveling gives you wings, gives you freedom, gives you energy, fills you with new ideas and fosters imagination, diversifies the perspective with which you usually look at your world and opens new doors for you. Because traveling is learning and making mistakes - and vice versa . Traveling frees you from ties: physical, mental, ideological, spiritual, religious, political and social. Because traveling helps you regain the curious and naive look of the girl you once were.

Put your life in two suitcases and fly as high as your wings take you. You have nothing to lose because nothing is eternal in this life and the fear of leaving everything behind is not as important as making a drastic change from habit and repetition; get up every day in a different place, make concessions with food, forms of transport, schedules.

To live happily and travel you don't need much more than the will to do it and face the plurality of now more than ever. Traveling gives you the only option to be spontaneous and analyze the situations in which you find yourself from new perspectives.

Traveling should become a compulsory university subject, to learn about other cultures, discover other ways of looking at and facing your reality.

Traveling alone knows the PRESENT tense and is experienced with the 5 senses.

Wishes should not be left alone in dreams ...

Live without a map and travel without return!

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